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Art of questioning

In a world that is tackling with exponential growth of data, it is extremely important to have the right tools to ask the right questions, to have the right answers for decision making. This need brings in a new imperative in the form of new expectations on the typical BI tools of today. As enterprises increasingly focus on establishing a data driven culture, the real goal of any such data programs would be enabling access to clean data across the enterprise for diverse sets of users and the ability to provide the right set of tools to derive insights out of data. Aside from not knowing enough, many users don’t think they know enough to ask the right questions that can lead to different outcomes. This is where a Conversational approach could help – Makes the user an expert in the art of questioning by steering the conversation along a certain path. Developing a skill to ask the right set of questions can help users expand their point of view before coming into the right conclusions.

It is time to reimagine the way we have consumed information as an intelligent conversation using the art of questioning. A shift from a complicated dashboards and metrics to a mode where you can engage in a simple conversation on your data.

How do you convert boring dashboard into a series of insight fun conversation on the data, aligned with the way humans always think and assimilate knowledge?

Say Hello to Conversational Insights.

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