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About Us

Driven by passion and

Proven by results

About Us

Driven by passion and

Proven by results

About purpleSlate

About purpleSlate

We are an early stage startup based out of Chennai, India. A small team of engineers, started their journey in 2017 (on the new year, to be precise) in a small apartment and we are now a strong team of 100+ proud purpleSlate family.

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act; but a habit.
– Aristotle

pS squad sitting around a table with laptops.

We are purpleSlate

A Conversational AI startup, driven by passion to build great software products and solutions

What are we up to?

We help our customers build the next generation
Conversational AI applications that primarily use
Language as the Interface.

What we believe.

Often, the true value of an idea is not the idea itself. Rather, it is the intent or the WHY that led to the creation of it. This is at the core of purpleSlate ethos – a set of beliefs we try to get better at every day. We believe we can build the Best in class products and solutions out of India, with the Happiest of team members, and run a highly successful business, Quietly. Building something Great takes time and we are comfortable with that.

pS employees having a discussion

More on what purpleSlate does

We are fascinated by technology and using technology to solve tough problems. We focus primarily on leveraging the modern digital technologies to build products and solutions for the modern age. All our work falls under two major themes – Digital Solutions and Conversational AI.

Digital Solutions

We would like to call it ‘no nonsense’ digital services. Our approach to modern software engineering starts right from how we source and curate our talent.

A highly self-driven team of engineers with a solution-first approach, craft high-outcome applications for our customers. No wonder our customers keep coming back to us for more of what they get.

Conversational AI

‘How would humans interact with computers?’ has been a key question in the evolution of computers. From machine instructions to green terminals, graphical user interfaces, touch screens, we used creative interfaces. But, there is a more humane way to interact with machines – Language.

We believe that good information software reflects how humans interact with each other and it is only an inevitable natural progression that the various services using computing devices would use language as the primary interface in a conversational setting. We deliver Conversational AI in both Voice and Text, for our customers using our lowcode framework, platform and products.

Group picture of pS employees

Our Culture

It is not about WHAT you do; it is as much about WHY you do it

A strong belief in a value system

We sincerely believe the vital cog in the success of any individual or a company is its Value system, Culture and its ability to Learn and Evolve, continuously. In an ecosystem like purpleSlate, people are at the centre. Hence it is imperative that we have one cohesive culture that makes us believe on a set of values which drives us towards greater heights.

Positive Perseverance

Building something useful and of value, and becoming a master craftsman on anything takes lots of practice, time and perseverance. We try our best to instill this belief to all our people. This way, most of our craftsmen are home grown – we spend a good amount of time curating our own talent from the campus.

Learn to Learn

More than the money or a title, we ensure continuous learning and a no-nonsense culture to anyone joining purpleSlate. We believe Success is an inevitable outcome of your Value system and Actions, and that makes us extremely positive about tomorrow. Learn more about purpleSlate Ethos here.

What drives us?

Icon of human brain in lightbulb


We believe humans would soon be able to have Smart Conversations with machines in the Language they speak to get things done

Icon of purple flame inside a heart


We take pride in delighting our customers with our Simple approach to get things done in delivering Best in Class Products & Solutions that both of us can be proud of

Spiritual free icon


We believe, we can get amazing things done, with the Happiest of team members and run a highly Successful business, Quietly, without losing sleep and health

Our Team

Leaders with rich industry experience from Fortune 50 companies supported by a bright, young team of 100+ and counting

Sivaram Parameswaran


Techprenuer, Photographer, Data Enthusiast, Voracious Reader

Magesh Mahadevan


Techpreneur, Marathon Runner, Avid Coder, Eternal Optimist

Swetha Subramanian

Group Leader Product

Tech Leader, Loquacious, Anything Apple, Eager Beaver

Lakshmi  Narasimhan  Venkatakrishnan

VP Solution Delivery

Solutions Architect, Technophile, Diaphanous, Sacred

Sivaraman Pattusamy

VP Solution Delivery

Delivery Lead, Terrace Gardener, Artist, Pluviophile, Dendrophile

Stephen Pius Charles

Lead Technology Engineer

Technologist, Man U Aficionado, Cinephile, Gamester

Raja Natarajan

Group Leader Product

Senior Developer, Sports Enthusiast, avid learner, melomaniac

Nandhini Muthusamy

Senior Technology Engineer

Senior Technology Engineer, Data Enthusiast, Hodophile, Melophile

Swadhin Dhal

Senior Technology Engineer

Business Analyst, Diligent, Good Athlete, Technophile

Srivatsa   Raghavaprasad

Product Manager

Gregarious Go-Getter, Data Enthusiast, Voracious Reader

Balaji Rajendran

Lead Technology Engineer

Full Stack Web & Mobile Engineer, Passionate about Tech and long bike trips

Mohanapriya R M

Senior Technology Engineer

Senior Technology Engineer, Happy Go Lucky girl, An Intuition Believer, Self motivated person

Hephzibah Felcy J

Senior Technology Engineer

Senior Tech Engineer Whizz at website, Front end developer, Mandala artist, Pluviophile

Yogesh M​

Senior Technology Engineer

Senior Technology Developer, Cinephile, Cricket Enthusiast, Foodie

Revathy Vijayan

Lead Application Support

Tech Leader, Internet Surfing, Hodophile

Amir Sabjan

Group Leader Technology

Solutions Architect, Big Data Specialist, Sports Enthusiast

Janani   Venkateshwaran

Technology Engineer

Sriram Damodharan

Engineering Lead

Engineering Leader, Technology Evangelist, Computer Historian

Gopal Vasudevan

Technology Engineer

Front-End Developer, Mobile Application Developer, Hodophile

Anandavalli R

Group Leader Solution Delivery

Scrum Master, Music Lover, Trying to learn different musical instruments, Good at self-analysis

Solai Sowthamini T

Technology Engineer

Technology Engineer, Data Enthusiast, Hodophile, Melophile

Srihari V

Senior Technology Engineer

Mern Developer, ARR addict, Occasional Foodie

Yuvankumar G

Senior Technology Engineer

Technology engineer, Bike rider, Traveler

Rohithkannan M

Technology Engineer

Technology Engineer, Sports and fitness enthusiast

Kevinakash M

Technology Engineer

Tech enthusiast, An ever optimist, Keen as mustard, A sarcasm nut

Dinesh S

Technology Engineer

Technology Engineer, Photographer, Never Give up attitude, Blissful, Astrophile

Sujith R

Technology Engineer

Backend Developer, Sportsman, Traveler

Vijoy Vallachira

Principal Architect

IT Architect, Avid Reader, Keep It Simple, Movie Buff

Alexmorris W

Business Analyst

Data Enthusiast, Logician, Product Tech Guy, Moto-Biker

Rehansameer J

Business Analyst

Business Analyst, Inquisitive, Sports lover, Historophile

JamunaSri S S

Technology Engineer

Technology engineer, Inquiring, Aesthete, Hodophile

Ramesh G

Technology Engineer

Support Engineer, Travel, Positive, Observant

Ranjith Kumar N R

Technology Engineer

Support Engineer, Full throttle, perspective curious, fitness freak

Bharath S

VP Growth

Ramakrishnan T

Senior Technology Engineer

Developer, Plantsman, Hodophile, Melophile

Raghul C

Senior Technology Engineer

Senior Technology Engineer, Technology, PC Game Enthusiast, Hodophile

Sivasubramanian J

Senior Technology Engineer

Senior Technology Engineer, Sports Enthusiast, Business Passionate, Hodophile

Lokesh M

Senior Technology Engineer

Senior Technology Engineer, Foodie, Cooking Enthusiasts, Hodophile, Cynophile.

Pranav Srivatsav C

Senior Technology Engineer

Technology Engineer, Occasional Reader, Habitual Binge Watcher

Thiyagarajan V

Senior Technology Engineer

Senior Technology Engineer, Numismatics, Team Management, Collaboration

Venu Vikaash M

Senior Technology Engineer

Technology Engineer, Sophophilic, Tech and Food Enthusiast

Manova M

Senior Support Engineer

Support Engineer, Hardworking, Courteous, Wanderlust.

Vamsi Krishna A

Technology Engineer

Technology Engineer, Gearhead, Feedreader, sportaholic.

Lokesh MK

Technology Engineer

Technology Engineer, Solutionist, Techie, Sportaholic, Weeb

Vigneshwar   Sivalingam

Support Engineer

Support Engineer, Agriculturist, Intellectually Curious, Cricket junkie

Logeshwar   Kumaresan

Technology Engineer

Siva Sathyamoorthy

Lead Technology Engineer

Team Leader, Literature reader, Astrologer, Bike rider

Saravanan M

Lead Technology Engineer

Techie, Introvert, Obsessive Gamer, Movie Freak

Karthick N

Senior Technology Engineer

Tech enthusiast, Essence seekers, Globetrotter

Shobana S

Finance Administrator

Manjula A G

HR Administrator

Enthusiastic Personnel manager, Nature lover, Clay artist and Acuhealer

Kausik Raj CPB

Group Leader Solutions Delivery

Group Lead, Music Enthusiast

Pradeep Parthiban

Manager – Digital Marketing

Footballer, Photographer, Runner, Traveler, Movie Buff

Aarthi Maharajan

Senior Support Engineer

Senior Support Engineer, Quietude, Phenomenal

Padmapriya S P

Senior Test Engineer

Test Engineer, Patient & Reliable

Sridhar C S

Lead Content Marketing

Wordsmith, Polyglot, Weeb, Gamer, God of Tarkashastra

Mathew Johnson J

Product Analyst

Machine learning, Football lover, Videogame enthusiast, Astrophile

Ramesh S

Manager People Services

HR Professional, avid Indian classical music buff, Process Specialist, Risk & Compliance Expert

Aboobaker Siddiq R

Technology Engineer

Technology Engineer, Student of Knowledge, Learn and Evolve

Hariprasath T

Technology Engineer

Developer, Reliable, Technophile, Gamer

Tharani S

Technology Engineer

Techie, Nature enthusiast, Inquiring mind, Artistic

Marivignesh R

Technology Engineer

Backend Developer, Gamer, Aspiring Full stack engineer

Shreevathsan NSR

Technology Engineer

Sportaholic, Go getter, Anything for Cricket, Backend Engineer

Karthik A

Technology Engineer

Technology Engineer, Food lover, Movie enthusiast , Selenophile

Aditya M

Technology Engineer

Technology Engineer, Data Enthusiast, Hodophile, sports aficionado

Veeraragavan R

Lead Technology Engineer

Tech Leader, Technology and Geopolitics Enthusiast

Raajkumar R

Technology Engineer

Musicophile, Cinephilia, Hodophile, Autodidact, Nature lover

Mukundan MA

VP – Architect and Engineer

Technologist, Lifelong Learner, Indophile

Vijayarahavan K

Technology Engineer

Technophile, Binge Watcher, Knowledge Seeker

Tharun Shankar SS

Technology Engineer

Data Engineer, Footballer, and Nemophilist

Prasanna Venkatesh A

Group Leader-Solutions Delivery

Technocrat, Java Software Engineer, Ex-IAF IT Engineer, People Leader

Nirmal Kumar T V

Senior Technology Engineer

Senior Technology Engineer, Data Scientist, Gamer, Astrophile

Gokul Ram K

Technology Engineer

Data Engineer, Diligent, Organized, Ambitious

Bharath V

Technology Engineer

Technology Engineer, Melanophile, Wanderer, Outdoorsy

Aravind Kundurthi

Technology Engineer

Technology Engineer, Mridangam artist, Data Science Enthusiast, cinephile

Ranjith Kumar S

Digital Marketer

SEO Analyst, Footballer, Sassy, Rollin' with the Homies, Bigger Smile

Purushothaman S

Senior Technology Engineer

Software Developer, Rational Thinker, Cricket Enthusiast, Physics Aficionado

Prakash A

Senior Technology Engineer

Software Engineer, Gamer, Athlete, Cricketer

Nithyasri R B

Technology Engineer

Active Listener, Songs Admirer, Badminton Player, Perspicuous Speaker

Narmatha P

Technology Engineer

Avid Learner, Love to watch sports, Industrious Worker

Vaishnavi K

Technology Engineer

Futurist geek, Bold visionary, Sports phenom, Lyric lover, Nomadic explorer

Dinesh Kumar T

Technology Engineer

Tech Enthusiast, Sports Enthusiast, Melomaniac

Balaji S V

Technology Engineer

Developer, Portrait Artist, Melophile, Thalassophile.

Surya A

Technology Engineer

Bibliophile, Cinephile, Sports Enthusiast, Gamer

Tarun Sundar K

Technology Engineer

Technology Engineer, Percussionist, Melophile

Jeffin Rohith J

Technology Engineer

Tech Engineer, PC Hardware Enthusiast, Part-Time Gamer, Sports Geek

James Annamalai T

Senior Test Engineer

Believe in Quality, Cricketer, Passionate Learner

Sangeetha S

Technology Engineer

Visionary, Artisan, Diligent, Tech Geek, Radiant, Affable

Krishna Kumar A

Technology Engineer

Avid Learner, Cricket Enthusiast, Melophile, Thalassophile

Suresh V

Admin Assistant

Cricket Enthusiast, Kabadi, Music Lover

Jawahar M

Senior Technology Engineer

Cricketer, Footballer, Otaku, Gamer

Arun LK

Senior Technology Engineer

Animal Lover, Traveler

Sowmya Devaraj

Technology Engineer

Selenophile, Cynophilist, Multipotentialite, Ambivert

Sibie Arunmozhi

Lead Technology Engineer

Passionate Coder, Musician, Sports Enthusiast, Hodophile

Join us in our pursuit to build something Great.