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Talk To Your DataTM

Getting answers from your data has never been this simple & secure

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A sample user conversation with Kea

What is Kea?

A cloud based low-code data platform, that can mine millions of rows of data to provide answers and more, in the language you speak in a secure way. We would like to call it a Smart, Secure, Virtual Data Analyst by your side, always!

Get to Know Kea

Talk To Your DataTM

Why it’s time to reimagine BI for the future?

We all have questions and more of I need to know now moments

  • Adoption challenges. Every user is different and their questions and answers are different. The same BI dashboard cannot cater to all.
  • Takes forever. Traditional BI tools don’t match the modern day information speed and scale.
  • Save Money and Time. Not every additional question and metric need to be an expensive BI project.
  • Fragmented toolsets. One tool to do this and another to do that – fragmented insights and decisions.
A woman sitting on a bench and having conversation with kea using her smart phone.

Become Knowledge-driven and not Data-driven.

How does it work?

Getting answers from Kea is Simple – as you wish it has always been this way – to match your team’s agility and scale

Cloud storage icon


Any kind, any source, any size from anywhere. Files, databases, streams, APIs

A notebook containing A-Z letter on the front page


A robust vocabulary is essential for language understanding. Enrich the data attributes with business terms, synonyms and other common ways of usage

A message icon with tick


Pointed responses in Voice, Text and Visuals for the question that was asked, clutter free

Reason and Act

Infer on how do things relate to one another?
Draw conclusions. Visualize a future state. Take action

Smart Followups

Understand more on how things relate to one another and engage in a conversation with one qustion leading to more

Smart Insights

Kea helps uncover latent insights that enhances the answers. ‘Hmm. That’s interesting and I didn’t know that’


Data makes more sense when it is discussed with people who matter. Have a conversation with deep context

Take actions

Answers are meant to be acted upon. Share it, have a discussion, connect it back to the business applications

In multiple ways

Omni-present for the different data users

Kea Viewer

Simple white-labelled search widget that can be embedded anywhere, to ask questions, get answers, fine-tune results, save them as favorites and create storyboards

Sample query showing the Kea viewer interface

Kea Chat

Have a conversation on your data with Kea and other users, just like any other favorite collaboration platforms

Sample query showing the Kea chat interface


Have a conversation on your data. Built for the users on the go, primarily driven by a voice interface to get answers to your momentary information needs while in meetings, airport or even on a beach. Answers are just a tap away

Kea Mobile screens showing charts and cards


As a BOT on your favorite collaboration platform like Slack, Teams or Google Chat

A line graph showing sales profits and sales growth.


Out-of-the-box search and natural language based query services that can be easily integrated with other enterprise applications

Kea API integration

For Everyone

Designed for every ‘I need to know now’ moment, for every data user

Icon of two people shaking hands in meeting

In a meeting

However you prepared you are, there could be missing data points to provide an answer in any meeting. Invite Kea and have an engaging conversation on the missing data

house-and-arrows icon

On the move

Driving or getting to work is not the right moment to skim through a complicated report or a dashboard. Just Ask Kea in Voice and have an insightful conversation on your data

Charts and metrics icons

Doing a research

Collecting data points for your next presentation or a research paper? Start with a question, do an exploratory data analysis on the problem space, and build a story with Kea

Airport terminal icon

In the airport

Just had a productive meeting with a customer or a partner and trying to validate some of the numbers that were discussed – Start a conversation, assign action items to your team, and complete follow-ups

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Time to Love your Data Again™. Try Kea in iOS and Android.

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