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Talk To Your Data
Getting answers from your data has never been this
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What is Kea?

A cloud-based low-code data platform, that can mine millions of rows of data to provide answers and more, in the language you speak. We would like to call it a Smart, Virtual Data Analyst!

Say Hello to Kea

Getting answers from your data has never been this simple. Kea just makes that possible, for everyone.

Feature Kea Possible

Get onboarded in minutes


In the language, you speak


Responds back in voice, text & visuals


Can’t get simpler than this

Simple as it could be

Simple needs, powerful outcomes, reimagined for the data analysts of today. Your questions on data need Answers

Your questions on data need Answers

Not complex reports and dashboards to sift through for the answers you need NOW. In the simplest of the interfaces in Voice and Text, supplemented by the domain-specific vocabulary.

Answers that make

Loaded with empathy - Pointed answers, voice response, visuals, insights, granular details and more - all in the context of the question that is asked.


Share, chat, and have a meaningful conversation with your colleagues and team members to refine your answers, get clarity and take decisions - all within Kea. No more emails, attachments and painful delays in decision-making.

And, Right now

No more of one team to do this, another to do that. Empower your business users to get answers to their questions on data in the way they have always done - Just Ask someone who knows.

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Match your team’s Agility and Scale

Get onboarded in no time, and start having an engaging conversation for Answers you can get and Results
you can trust, NOW. (not after days or months or as a project backlog).

Conect Your Data

Enhance vocabulary

The essence of a conversation is Listening. Refine the data glossary/vocabulary that Kea generates. Create data transformations, teach Kea new vocabulary, share it with others and manage access.

Get Answers

Junk the Project Backlog

All of this without writing any code, saving you valuable manhours and $$$.


Connect your Data

Train Kea on your dataset - big or small, spreadsheet or a warehouse, streaming or batch - using our low-code platform.

Get Trained

Get Answers

Starting having an enriching conversation on your data. With Kea and your team. Get answers and insights. Build a story. Get enlightened with your Data.

Junk The Project Backlog

One Bird, Multiple Possibilites

Different users, different needs - one platform. We built Kea for every data user.



Ask questions, perform searches, fine-tune results, save them as favorites, create storyboards, notebooks and collaborate with other users. Built for Data Analysts, Operational users talk to their data using the Kea Viewer.

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Feature Bird Chat


The future of data analytics is a ‘Conversation on data’. Engage in a meaningful conversation on data with Kea and your colleagues, get answers, gain insights, and get clarity - all in one place. Bye, bye screen capture, attachments and email!



For the decision-makers on the move. Meeting a customer, at the airport, in a cab, or on the beach - Kea is always there, 24x7. No more calling this person or that person. Just chat with Kea.

Feature Bird Mobile
Cloud Desk

Open APIs

Make your insights actionable. Integrate the answers from Kea with your other applications to take action, and make decisions. Build data-rich apps and increase data availability, with Kea open APIs.

I need to know now


Some of the scenarios that mandate
momentary information needs


However prepared
you are, there could be
missing data points to
provide an answer in any
meeting. Invite Kea and
have an engaging
conversation on the
missing data.


Collecting data points for your next presentation or research paper? Start with a question, do an exploratory data analysis on the problem space, and build a story with Kea.


Driving or getting to work is not the right moment to skim through a complicated report or a dashboard. Instead, Just Ask Kea in Voice and have an insightful conversation on your data.


Had a productive meeting with a customer or a partner? Trying to validate some of the numbers that were discussed while waiting at the airport? Start a conversation, assign action items to your team, and complete follow-ups.


On a mission to make data access simple. Our thoughts, learnings and quirks on this journey

What Is Keav2

Wonder why we named it as

Simple Is The Game
Dashboards Are Not Dead

There has been an increasing chatter

Talk To Your Data

Love your data, again™

The future of data intelligence is Conversations.

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