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Smart Virtual Assistant

Redefining how brands and customers connect, communicate and innovate

Talk To Sales
Conversation between a smart virtual assistant and a human

What is ParrotGPT?

ParrotGPT helps businesses transform customer experiences across channels – all through conversations that are delightful and natural.

ParrotGPT is suited best for smarter customer service, and virtual assistants, that need to understand the context of diverse scenarios. ParrotGPT takes advantage of cutting-edge NLP technology, GenerativeAI, and takes contextual data into account, answers questions intuitively, guide, proactively alert, and get business tasks done while also helping your team work more efficiently – all through a simple and secure conversational interface.

ParrotGPT makes smart look simple

A Virtual Assistant that learns & does – Better by the day

A line drawing of a person holding a magnifying glassDiscover intelligence beyond your everyday-bots

Engage in a conversation that leads them to discover knowledge beyond the asked question with semantically organized content.

A book with a light bulb on top of itMake your smart assistant knowledge rich

Bring in your content and we take care of the rest, without compromising privacy & security. Get your content organized as a knowledge graph and easily searchable.

A circle with a hand touching a buttonMake them actionable

Your customers have tasks to be done. Make your answers actionable and lead your customers to complete the task in hand.

a white circle with a line drawing of a speedometerGet it up and flying, in no time

With our low-code environment, ParrotGPT can be part of your team in no time. Bring in your content and let ParrotGPT take flight (yes, it’s possible) on time.

Why ParrotGPT as the preferred Virtual Assistant

Framework to fast launch and faster integrations

  • Time to Launch – With our low-code environment, ParrotGPT can get up and running on your website or wherever you want in less than a day. Organize your content and let ParrotGPT take flight in no time.
  • Intelligent NLP – ParrotGPT is harnessed with state-of-the-art NLP solutions that have the capability to understand the context and meaning behind anything and everything that your customer says no matter whether it is textual or vocal.
  • Seamless Integrations – ParrotGPT allows seamless integrations with most, if not all, of your existing CRMs/tools securely with the help of native APIs and opens up new horizons to deliver personalized support experiences to each and every customer.
  • Truly Omnipresent – Forget omnichannel, ParrotGPT is omnipresent as well. Let your customers pick up where they left off wherever they meet you, while still offering support around the globe, around the clock.
  • A Voice that’s Human – ParrotGPT can decipher your customers’ speech with greater accuracy and intelligently respond to your customers in real time. Delight your customers with every interaction through intelligent human-like conversations – a voice filled with empathy and compassion.

Better CX – Built on ParrotGPT

Amplify customer experience with contextual understanding and proactive responses

Context Aware

Embed ParrotGPT anywhere in your web application and let ParrotGPT engage in a conversation in the context of where the user is.


Bonjour! Let ParrotGPT handle your customers across the globe with multi-lingual responses, from Afrikaans to Zulu.

Reflect Your Brand

Visually configure ParrotGPT to reflect your brand with easily customizable avatars and content.

Capture Leads

Integrate it with your favorite CRM tools. Track the quality of leads with comprehensive, real-time metrics.

Use Cases

Virtual Assistant – Augmenting experiences all around

Contextual & Virtual Assistant - Created To Match Your Specs