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Conversational AI Services

Reimagine Machine-to-Human Interactions on the canvas of AI

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Conversational AI Services

What is Conversational AI?

It is the application of modern technologies that primarily use Language as the Interface – both Voice and Text. Our Conversational AI Services provides digital solutions that help businesses enhance customer engagement 

Conversational AI in the Digital Era

Conversations are everywhere. Convert conversations into a competitive advantage with the aid of Smart Virtual Assistants, Natural Language, Voice interfaces, and Automation to deliver bottom-line gains – from customer support to sales.

  • Deliver personalized customer experience
  • Gain significant operational efficiencies at scale
  • Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging AI for bottom-line gains

Our low-code platform offerings, deep expertise, and solution offerings help you achieve that.

Why purpleSlate?

Our Conversational AI expertise to deliver real ROI

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Enterprise Class with a startup mindset. Deep expertise in AI and NLP areas, combined with young, energetic talent.

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Diverse Solutions

From smart virtual assistants to serious Conversational AI applications across domains and business functions.

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Powered by our low-code platform accelerators to drive home the time-to-market advantage, you can get an application up and running in no time.

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No-Nonsense Approach

A true agile mode of execution with discovery sessions to zero cost POCs to full implementations.

Our Expertise

Grow your business with Intelligent Conversations

A wide array of technologies and capabilities to deliver diverse solutions in Conversational AI – Smart Transcription, Chatbots, Intelligent Voice Assistants, Voice Navigation, Business Process Automation, and many more.

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purpleSlate's expertise in Conversational AI

Why Conversational AI

Lead the way to improved CX and employee experiences with our Conversational AI Services. Experience intelligent conversations, smart ways of data retrieval, and more engaging means of automated manual tasks with our solutions. Elevate customer experience from just “RESPONSES” to “ENGAGEMENT” with Conversational AI.

Add New Delivery Channels

A new impetus in omnichannel marketing and customer experience delivery with smart assistants.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Chatbots and self-service applications, automating routine functions – enabling teams to focus on areas that need demand skills and experience.

Augment Human Capabilities

Conversational AI advances can take into account human factors like stress, fatigue, etc., and improve the conversational experience.

Conversational AI Use Cases

Some Instances Of The Best Implementations Of Conversational AI

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Voice Interfaces

Voice search and voice-based navigation are growing exponentially across demographic. Gartner predicts 30% of online searches will be made on devices without a screen.

Our voice interfaces are a sure shot way to meet the new customer demand.

  • They ease business operations with a hands-free approach
  • They employ the most intuitive of interfaces – language
  • They help achieve superior productivity gains and increase market share
  • Their accuracy rates are as high as 95% with solutions from Microsoft, Google, etc.
A woman in a white lab coat holding a smartphone for smart transcription.

Smart Transcription

Smart transcription helps solve two major design problems – Recognition (converting speech to text) and Understanding (ability to understand the context).

Our smart transcription services deal with improving the understanding aspect and achieving better accuracy.

  • They automate transactional tasks such as data entry
  • They promote the real-time recording of findings
  • They identify domain specific vocabulary with higher accuracy
  • Their language understanding model improves on regular intervals
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Workflow Automation

In the modern enterprise world, collaboration is key and a Conversational AI (CAI) assistant can help automate some tasks by being part of that.

This could vary from simple reminders to integrating with enterprise workflow engines and core applications.

  • They can be made available as part of the enterprise collaboration platform
  • CAI can facilitate multiple task-specific agents to complete the workflow
  • Entire approval process or moving from one stage to another can be done with CAI
A women sitting in front of her laptop using conversational insights

Conversational Insights

Gartner states by 2025, context-driven analytics and AI models will replace 60% of existing models built on traditional data.

Conversational Insights lets users Ask Questions on Data, in natural language using both Voice and Text to bring answers and insights out of their dataset.

  • They provide access to momentary insights instead of overloading information
  • They ensure users need not sift through cluttered dashboards and multiple reports for insights
  • They improve business decision-making by reducing time to insights
  • They democratize data access by removing the pre-existing technical barriers
A woman holding a smart phone next to a smart speaker.

Smart Speakers

Your Alexa and Google Home devices can do much more than answer Weather or Sports scores.

Take your services on the smart speaker ecosystem, especially for the digital native millennials.

  • Get answers to a variety of questions – from location information to product recommendations
  • In-depth explanations regarding the products and services offered
  • Entire purchasing journey can be built using Alexa
  • CAI can nudge customers on tasks to be completed for better product and service usage

Measurable Impact Made So Far

Across multiple sectors, our Conversational AI services have led to proven bottom-line impact. Let’s replicate the same in your business ops.

Productivity Gains

To the caregivers with our real-time Smart Transcription solution to a leading Pet Care provider.

Increase In Lead Generation

With our Conversational AI solutions for a leading health insurance provider.

Weeks To Beta

For any of your omnichannel Conversational AI solution built on top of our platform components.


A proven solution to achieve very high levels of Speech to Text accuracy, even with complex domain-specific vocabulary in healthcare.

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