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Simplify, Data Pipelines

Low-code data management suite – from Data Integration to Glossary to Quality.

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Nutcracker to simplify data pipelines

What is Nutcracker?

Nutcracker is your cloud based low-code data platform, that simplifies data pipelines to pull data from any source into the warehouse, transform, manage meta data and more, all without writing a single line of code.

Experience seamless collation, categorization, and management of voluminous fragmented data across silos with automated data pipelines.

Simplify Data Pipelines

Switch from rocket science to simplicity

Data Integration shouldn’t be rocket science. Simple enough, to match your team’s agility and scale.

Data Integration

Data from any source to any target, in any format, at any velocity, ETL, ELT, or Reverse ETL – Nutcracker combines a wide array of data integration solutions into low-code offerings for enterprises of any size.

Low Code

Onboard data from anywhere – Databases, Streams, Applications – with complex workflows using a graphical user interface. Define meta data, setup schedules and manage data pipelines, without writing a single line of code.

Nutcracker is a Low code platform

Application Integrations

Connect to any business apps or HTTP-based APIs using Reverse ETL techniques. Setup your integrations and Nutcracker will take care of moving your data how often you want.

Various application integrations with Nutcraker

Data Ops for the modern age

Setup pipelines, manage schedules, errors and reruns with integrated alerting and notification modules.

Data Ops for the modern age

Transform and Enrich

Build transformations and define new KPIs and Filters on the fly.

Transform and Enrich with Nutcracker

Make sense with Data Glossary

Integrated meta data management layer to help your users make sense of the data. Define business terms, PII data, audit rules, integrated with approval workflows to manage data glossary.

manage data glossary with Nutcracker

The Nutcracker impact

Data Discovery out of the Box

Icon of play button with circle of wire

Ingest data and ask questions in a jiffy

Not as a project that takes weeks or months to complete

Icon of database

Search in a box

Select Elastic as the target and you have a Search application out of the box. Start asking questions, without writing a single line of code

Calendar & clock line icon

Rich Visualizations

Answers in text, voice, and powerful visualizations with an option to drill down to granular data

Icon of data analysis & dashboard

Data Profile

Understand every data attribute with a comprehensive set of data profile information and data quality metric

Engineered for Data Analysts

Discover diverse ways that empower data for the ease of Data Scientists

Automated Pipelines

Increased mobility of data with automated pipelines that simplify how data is moved quickly, archived better, and manage data with ease.

Simplified Data Glossary

Nutcracker eases how one builds and categorizes their business glossary – enabling stakeholders to have a better know-how of enterprise data assets.

Automatic Schema Generation

Not every database has schema generated for BI and analytics applications to leverage. Our platform becomes the answer automatically generating schema.

Simple Transformations

Nutcracker simplifies how data analysts and teams can change the structure, values, and overall format of data making ELT/ETL integrations seamless.

Assured Scalability

Automation, schema generation, database transformations – what differentiates our platform is its ability to perform these efficiently – irrespective of the volume of data.

Data Pipelines, Simplified.