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Every aspect of Customer Experience, from Service to Insights, engage in a Conversation that is Informed, Personalized, and Engaging.

We help you achieve that.

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A woman conversing with conversational AI while lounging in a beanbag. A sample conversation between a woman and conversational AI.

What we do for our customers?

Accelerate Digital Transformation for meaningful Business Outcomes

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Digital Transformation


From ideation to implementation, we deliver impactful digital solutions with our highly adaptive teams, solid software engineering practices, and a no-nonsense approach.


Half human, half AI brain

Conversational AI


GPT Smart Assistants, Voice Assistants, Smart Transcription, Intelligent Automation, and more. Navigate the opportunities of Conversational AI technologies with confidence, simplified by our low-code platform offerings by your side.

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Business Transformations, Simplified

We make it possible for our customers – driven by the power of Digital Technologies, the promise of Conversational AI, and our passion to excel.

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Our Products!

Low-code platform suite to accelerate your digital journey

Let’s not reinvent the wheel. From Virtual Assistants to Data Management to Insights, build on top of our platform accelerators to deliver business applications at scale, at speed.

Kea LogoSmart Data Analyst
Business Intelligence reimagined with the power of Conversational AI. Talk to your Data™ for instant answers and insights.

ParrotGPT LogoSmart Virtual Assistant
Traditional Chatbots reimagined with ParrotGPT – from Answers to Actions to Quality Service to Productivity.

Nutcracker LogoData Pipelines Simplified
Data Pipeline reimagined for modern enterprises to ease the burden of data analysts.

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Featured Insights and Success Stories

Hallucinating LLMs


Hallucinating LLMs – How to Prevent them?

GenAI's rapid adoption raises concerns about LLMs producing misleading results. Key concerns include causes and preventive strategies.

Advanced RAG Methodologies


Understanding Advanced RAG Methodologies

Retrieval Augmented Generation enhances LLMs by incorporating retrieved data, merging search with prompting for informed responses.


Case Study

Insurance org slashes turnaround time: 7 days to 7 mins.

Learn how we helped Top Insurance agency with Policy issuance in 7 mins, 30% sales increase, detailed tracking and updates.

Let's build something Great, together.