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Telesales with Voice Assistants: How to Boost Outbound Sales with Voice AI?

By November 6, 2022May 31st, 2023Conversational AI4 mins read
Voice AI for telesales


Nowadays, if you want to stay afloat and thrive as a company, you need a robust technology base. Technology breaks old rules and provides new tools for more effective sales. With recent advancements in AI, speech recognition, NLU, and NLG more and more organizations are turning towards conversational AI as a primary means to communicate with their customers. Apart from customer experience, conversational AI is being widely adopted to automate marketing and sales processes as well. Conversational AI typically works as a voice assistant in several use cases such as virtual assistant, agent assistant, and conversational IVR applications.

Combining the power of AI and Machine Learning, organizations can automate voice assistants to take over mundane sales tasks such as outbound sales calls. This is one of the many ways that organizations can use AI to save money and reduce the load on sales teams.

Agent Productivity

Automating outbound sales calls with voice AI assistants can bring an organization’s call center costs down tremendously. Instead of hiring staff to run a telesales campaign, outbound calls can be automated to take up repetitive tasks and free up the bandwidth of agents. Reducing such mundane tasks can help boost productivity as well among agents. Apart from this, voice AI is also effective at improving sales using empathy. With human agents, it is difficult to ensure that the agents are empathetic and polite enough while making their outbound calls. With voice AI assistants, every call is made on time, with empathy and enthusiasm, and most importantly without fatigue.

Here’s an elaborate example of how voice AI assistants help in driving sales in the insurance industry while ensuring operational efficiency.

Additionally, when in need of human intervention, agents also get a unified document of customer details, with the help of conversational AI, and let them focus on serving their customers instead of wasting time searching for information.

Cart Abandonment

Card abandonment is a complex issue to solve and voice AI has been proven to be effective at improving conversion rates. Most customers abandon carts when they don’t find answers to their questions at the right time. With voice assistants always available, customers can get their questions answered instantly during their buying journey. After they get answers on time, they make a decision, make the purchase, and do not abandon the product in the cart.

In the case of businesses like dental healthcare and real estate, an abandoned cart could mean making appointments and not showing up in person. In such scenarios, voice AI can help by making automated calls to customers reminding them of their appointments and other important details.


Automated outbound calls are a great way to upsell products and services to your customers. Up-selling and cross-selling during a sales cycle are usually up to the sales agent and it is heavily manual. Voice AI removes this obligation from an organization’s sales team and provides them with tools to better manage complex cases. Voice assistants can up-sell or cross-sell seamlessly during a conversation based on the user’s profile and previous interactions with the AI and offer them complementary products or services based on their behavior.

Voice AI assistants can also be equipped with co-browsing technology through which they can follow the customer’s activity on the business application or website and offer real-time guidance. By hand-holding customers through their buying journey in this manner, voice AI can shorten the sales cycle, and assist customers in making decisions by upselling before the customer completes their purchase.

Here’s a video on how voice AI assistants can help customers and up-sell products and services through guided web browsing.

Qualifying Leads

AI-powered voice assistants can speed up the process of qualifying customers and filter them with minimal to no human involvement. By automating in this manner, leads are qualified before they are let into the sales funnel. Apart from this, voice AI can automate communications completely through the entire sales cycle from awareness to point of purchase. After a customer enters their primary details on the website, the voice assistant can connect with the customer through a phone call, understand their requirements through a simple conversation, qualify and instantly push them down the sales funnel.


Automating telesales calls with the help of voice assistants can definitely save lots of time for sales agents, improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and speed up sales cycles. Outbound calling is a valuable service to offer. When done correctly, it can enhance customer satisfaction and boost revenue. While organizing outbound calling used to be time-consuming, automated outbound calling solutions have made it easier and minimized resources requirement. To leverage voice AI to its fullest potential, all you need to do is find a partner who understands your needs thoroughly.

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