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Serve Customers Everywhere – How Conversational AI can be truly omnipresent

By October 31, 2022May 9th, 2023Conversational AI4 mins read
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Consumers now hold all the power and they hold it in the palm of their hands. But How Conversational AI can be truly omnipresent? The digital native Generation Z has been the most critical buyer group until now. With a strong purchasing power and a demand for higher quality products, brands today are forced to earn their place in the Gen-Z wallets. Being a mobile-first generation, they research products and look to connect with their favorite brands all through social media, thus, social commerce has become a new e-commerce trend today and it is here to stay.

According to a report by Genesys, 80% of customers prefer to switch between channels while they are interacting with a brand. All these factors point toward the need for brands to provide meaningful seamless experiences across all channels. The interconnected multi-channel approach where businesses unify their communications with their customers across multiple channels and are available around the clock is called the omnipresent approach. This approach has been made possible by conversational AI.

How Conversational AI can be truly omnipresent?

It’s been proven that complex interactions between humans and machines are achievable today with the advent of conversational AI assistants such as Alexa and Siri. Such conversational AI interfaces, when applied in the context of business, can help predict consumer behaviors and contribute to emulating real-life shopping experiences. With the help of technologies such as Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG), conversational AI can determine the meaning of inputs in the form of voice or text and generate responses that are also human-like.

In this day and age, it is imperative that brands be available across all channels where their customers are present. While businesses can create multiple Facebook bots, WhatsApp marketing bots, and website chatbots, they cannot be present on all the channels where their customers might be present. Even if they are, the inconsistency between the channels hinders brands from providing uninterrupted customer experiences. This is where conversational AI comes into play. When interconnected across multiple platforms, conversational AI can remember previous conversations with customers and map them across different channels such as Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, or the business’ website.

For instance, a customer purchases with the help of Conversational AI from a brand’s online website. Later, through Whatsapp, the customer can connect with the business again and enquire about the status of their order with their order number. If the customer comes across the business website through Facebook again, the AI can remember the customer purchase history and be able to offer discounts to appreciate customer loyalty. That’s how Conversational AI can be truly omnipresent.

Benefits of an omnipresent Conversational AI

There are innumerable benefits to adopting an intelligent conversational AI that can integrate all of a business’s digital channels together.

  1. Unified Experience

With conversational AI, brands can offer customers a unified experience across all channels. This prevents customers from having to repeat their queries over and over again on different channels and from eventually frustrating them.

  1. Understanding Customer Behaviour

When conversational AI is present across several channels, it creates an opportunity for customers to interact more with their favorite brands. For instance, a customer can chat with the AI assistant through Facebook Messenger, post a question on a brand’s Instagram account, or even call the brand on its customer service number. These interactions are automatically logged in a central database and the accumulated data can be analyzed and used to create behavioral insights. With these insights, brands can understand the behavior of their customers better and in turn optimize their sales and marketing approaches.

  1. Up-selling & Cross-selling Opportunities

As businesses are available across various channels and have a multitude of product offerings, it often gets difficult to predict and suggest products or services to their customers exactly when they are in need. With conversational AI, up-selling and cross-selling can also be automated.  For instance, when a customer places an order for a laptop, conversational AI can suggest a suitable bag that the customer might like.

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience

With the help of an omnipresent conversational AI, brands also have the opportunity to establish lasting relationships with their customers. While being omnipresent, conversational assistants can help provide personalized conversations for their customers based on their previous interactions, thereby enhancing their buying experience and moving them faster down the sales funnel.

  1. Servicing Across Boundaries

Along with being omnipresent, the several other qualities of conversational AI such as multi-lingual capabilities, businesses today can serve customers from all around the world beyond lingual and geographical constraints. Customers with the help of a conversational AI assistant can buy from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night.


Omnichannel is all about making the line between physical and digital dimensions invisible. Conversational AI is the future of customer engagement and it is growing bigger and better every day. As more brands begin to use conversational technology, the scope for innovation could be limitless. purpleSlate has extensive experience when it comes to delivering smart conversational AI assistants and radically improving customer experiences for businesses. This is how Conversational AI can be truly omnipresent. Get in touch with purpleSlate, to build your AI assistant today.

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