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True omni-channel experience

By January 30, 2023March 21st, 2023Case Study Summary2 mins read

Business Case

Omni-channel applications is one of the key component of any modern digital strategy, is a multi-channel approach to sales that seeks to provide the end consumers with a seamless sales and service experience on multiple touch points – desktop, smart phone, physical stores or any other modern conversational channel. Moving freely from one touchpoint to the other is essential to today’s consumers: 95% of customers use at least three channels in a single interaction with a company, research firm Forrester found, and 62% of them change devices midstream. The business requirement was for one of our customer, a leading Health Insurance provider in the country, to build a true omni-channel experience for their customers, primarily the mobile and conversational platforms, focused around improving the upselling and cross-selling opportunities and also focused primarily on improving the customer experience.

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