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Optimize Infrastructure Service spends with Data Insights from Kea

By May 15, 2024May 21st, 2024Upcoming Events1 mins read
Optimize Infrastructure Service spends with Data Insights

Talk to your data instantly across devices without juggling multiple reports with Kea, our Conversational BI low-code platform. In today’s data-centric landscape, ITSM leaders face challenges in accessing timely insights for informed decision-making on infrastructure spending. Kea streamlines data access, empowering managers to optimize costs, track consumption patterns, and gain deeper insights for efficient decision-making.

Why this session is a must for Leaders like you:

  • Tackle the complexities of modern IT infrastructure spending.
  • Learn about Conversational Business Intelligence and its impact on decision-making.
  • Understand Kea’s capabilities in simplifying data access across devices.
  • Explore how Kea streamlines information access for ITSM managers.
  • Analyze data comprehensively for better decisions with historical trends and details.

What’s Covered in this Webinar?

  • Challenges in extracting insights from modern ITSM data.
  • Benefits of Conversational BI for simplified access and better decisions.
  • Real-world Kea examples: managing costs and analyzing infrastructure spending.

Who Should Attend?

  • CEOs/Presidents
  • CFOs
  • CIOs
  • IT Managers
  • Infrastructure Admins,
  • Service Admins
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