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Designing a Smart Virtual Assistant in Less Than a Day

By November 17, 2022June 9th, 2023Events2 mins read
Smart virtual assistant in less than a day

As the need to engage with businesses digitally and through various collaborative and social media platforms continues to grow, organizations are facing a significant challenge in providing a consistent omnichannel experience across multiple channels. Many believe that achieving such an experience would require extensive time and effort, as it involves incorporating conversational capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI). However, what if there was a way to develop a smart virtual assistant in minutes without requiring coding expertise?

Introducing Parrot, our Smart Virtual Assistant Platform Accelerator designed to streamline the development process of AI chatbots. With Parrot, you can create AI-powered chatbots in less than a day, eliminating the need for extensive coding and lengthy training to address every possible question. This revolutionary tool empowers organizations to quickly deploy virtual assistants that offer seamless omnichannel conversational experiences to their customers.

To showcase the capabilities of Parrot, we invite you to join our upcoming virtual event. During this event, we will demonstrate how to effortlessly create an AI-powered chatbot using Parrot. You will witness firsthand how the platform accelerates the development process, allowing you to provide exceptional customer support and engagement across various channels.

By leveraging Parrot, you can transform the way your organization interacts with customers, offering them personalized and efficient assistance. Whether it’s through messaging apps, websites, or social media platforms, your virtual assistant powered by Parrot will be able to handle inquiries, provide information, and guide users through their journey, all in a conversational and intuitive manner.

With Parrot’s intuitive interface and powerful AI capabilities, organizations can enhance their customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and drive customer satisfaction. By eliminating the need for extensive coding and training, Parrot empowers businesses to swiftly adapt to changing customer expectations and market demands.

In conclusion, Parrot’s Smart Virtual Assistant Platform Accelerator revolutionizes the process of developing AI chatbots, enabling organizations to provide a consistent omnichannel experience to their customers. Join our virtual event to witness firsthand how Parrot can help you create AI-powered chatbots effortlessly and deliver exceptional conversational experiences. With Parrot, you can unlock new opportunities for customer engagement and satisfaction, all within a fraction of the time previously required.

iLink and purpleSlate are Microsoft IP Co-sell ready partners delivering Conversational AI solutions built on Azure.

Key Takeaways

  • A live demo on how to create a Conversational AI chatbot with Parrot
  • How different organizations have successfully integrated Conversational Interfaces into their digital journey
  • How to leverage Conversational AI to create a true omnichannel experience including Language Interfaces and Chatbots
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