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Conversational Insights

By March 20, 2022August 10th, 2023Case Studies2 mins read
Conversational Insights

Business Case

Improving productivity or operational efficiency gains is one of the key driver for any digital transformation effort in the Healthcare and Petcare industry. Any noticeable improvements in these parameters results in direct bottom-line gains, and enabling the professionals to do more of what they are good at – seeing more patients. The business case was to create a simplified Search interface to improve the availability and accessibility of high quality data available within the enterprise data lake that allows the medical professionals to ask queries in simple english constructs.


One of the significant apprehension for the customer was the ability to achieve desired accuracy level on the wake word utterance. As part of the implementation, we had trained the ML models on an extensive corpus of user utterances, including complex medical vocabulary, combining with retraining workflows for continuous maturity of the ML models. This helped us manage the challenges around accuracy. Our solution was built on top of a vendor Language Understanding (LU) solution, that helped us with extremely low error rates.

Available as a Search widget, the Search could be easily integrated within any other web application or collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, as a BOT. Besides providing access to clinical data, the Search widget provides deep linking to any enterprise applications and other BI reports, to make the data insights actionable and meaningful.

The application comes with a robust security infrastructure that helps the enterprise manage access at different levels of organization structure and users. Access profiles control what data domains the users can access and what actions they can perform on the dataset. In addition all the PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data is obfuscated by default.

With all the voice data processed on the device and behind the firewall, the application is intrinsically HIPAA and GDPR complaint.

Why purpleSlate?

We are a Conversational AI startup, driven by passion to build great software solutions for our customers. As machines become increasingly proficient in the language we speak, we see Conversations, in Voice and Text, as the primary mode of providing and consuming services. We help our customers build the next generation Conversational AI Applications that primarily use Language as the Interface. Our platform and applications, primarily offered as a low-code offering and our belief in modern, lean software engineering principles helps our customers with higher effectiveness and time to market.

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