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Whatsapp Marketing with Conversational AI: A Perfect Combo for Businesses to Drive CX

By October 21, 2022May 9th, 2023Conversational AI4 mins read
Whatsapp & CAI


As our lives are slowly but surely becoming dependent on smart technology, it has become imperative to meet the customers wherever they are; more specifically, wherever they spend most of their time. Ever since social media platforms were created, we are always online.

Today, at least half of the global population is on one or more social media platforms. Among them, WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform in over 150 countries with over 2 billion active users every month. These numbers prove that WhatsApp marketing tools are perfect for businesses to continuously stay in touch with their customers and help them through every step of the buyer journey.

Why WhatsApp Marketing Automation?

WhatsApp is the most instant and far-reaching messaging app globally, and users spend around 18.6 hours every month utilizing it. According to Will Cathcart, Head of WhatsApp, the application can deliver about 100 billion messages daily, and its future looks exciting.

In most countries, WhatsApp ranks in the top three applications for everyday communications. Accordingly, 98% of messages are read within two hours of sending which is about five times higher than the open rates of SMS and email.

With WhatsApp marketing tools, you can receive and send messages, through text or voice and share links, locations, documents, videos, images, texts, and various other content instantly. These features allow Conversational AI to enable WhatsApp marketing automation conveniently and work seamlessly all the more.

How WhatsApp Marketing Automation Benefits Businesses?

The conversion rate of businesses today depends upon the user experience. A study found that 67% of customers would leave a brand after one bad experience. In order to bridge these gaps between businesses and consumers, it is crucial for businesses to be available around the clock and in a medium that they are comfortable with.

Apart from this, businesses are burdened with mundane, repetitive but critical tasks such as lead generation, up-selling/cross-selling, promotions, payments, data collection and so much more. With conversational AI, businesses can automate these repetitive tasks, respond instantly and intuitively to queries, and guide customers through their buying journey. Conversational AI can do all of the above through WhatsApp, a medium that more than half of the global population uses.

How does it work?

Conversational AI is the brain that powers a virtual assistant. It involves a variety of technologies that work together to enable efficient, automated conversations via text or speech by understanding context and intent, deciphering language, and responding in a human-like manner. On the surface, it is deceptively simple. But, there are several different technologies involved behind the scenes such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text analysis, Speech Recognition and so much more.

With the help of these technologies, Conversational AI helps respond to queries in an intuitive manner. It also facilitates contextually aware, personalized conversations on different channels in such a way that customers don’t have to repeat their concerns over and over again. Therefore, after conversing with a Conversational AI assistant on a business website, customers can continue their conversations seamlessly on their personal WhatsApp.

Apart from this, when it comes to complex queries, the Conversational AI Smart Assistant can understand customer needs through Natual Language Understanding (NLU) and convert them into enterprise tasks for a seamless handoff to the next steps in the enterprise’s processes.

How purpleSlate makes a difference?

With social media becoming the most popular communication channel today, it makes complete sense to provide your customers with a holistic experience everywhere on this popular media. purpleSlate has extensive experience in helping businesses create impressive Conversational AI solutions for their customers over several social media platforms, especially for WhatsApp marketing automation. purpleSlate has the expertise in implementing WhatsApp business API through its partner ValueFirst and helps launch businesses on WhatsApp instantly.


A few years ago, when a customer had a query and wanted to get in touch with a company, they had to visit the company website, find an email address, send emails and wait for the business to respond. Today, with the help of conversational AI it takes less than a minute for a customer to resolve their queries, instantly moving them down the sales funnel and scoring high on Customer Experience. When integrated with WhatsApp marketing tools, Conversational AI can help customers resolve 80% of their queries anytime they want, on the platform that they find most convenient, and without needing human intervention.

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