Reimagine your interactions with the computers

Leverage the power of Natural Language usage to create personalized customer experiences
augmenting operational efficiencies, at scale.

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So, What is Conversational AI?

It is the application of modern technologies that primarily use Language as the Interface - both Voice and Text.

Change the way you run your business with Intelligent Conversations

Elevate customer experience from just “RESPONSES” to “ENGAGEMENT” with Conversational AI.

Add New Delivery
Improve Operational
Augment Human

What could be some of the Use case themes?

Some of the many possibilities with Conversational AI solutions
that we had implemented for our customers.

Radio Waves
Voice Interfaces

Meet the new customer demand and increase market share with Voice technology or achieve superior productivity gains with a hands-free interface.

Feature Flying In No Time
Smart Transcription

Make the switch from offline transcription to our automated speech recognition services on custom vocabulary, for improved productivity gains.

Feature Knowledge Rich
Workflow Automation

Microservices and REST API-based architecture style of fine-grained, lightweight business services for scale, maintainability, and extensibility.

Feature Actionable
Thinking Face

Hang on...
Is it a Chatbot? 🤔

Conversational Insights

Make the switch from Reports and Dashboards to let your users "just ASK" and get instant answers from your enterprise data through engaging conversations.

Feature Flying In No Time
Smart Speakers

Your Alexa and Google Home devices can do much more than answer Weather or Sports scores. Take your services on the smart speaker ecosystem, especially for the digital native millennials.

Feature Knowledge Rich
Smart Virtual Assistants

Leverage social messaging platforms and transform your traditional IVR solution into a truly omnichannel
Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA), integrated with smart hand-offs to humans.

Feature Actionable
Design Approach

Make your Conversational app stand out with our design approach.

Insurance And Ai Synergy

Conversational AI and the Insurance Industry - the perfect synergy.

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Productivity Gains

To the caregivers with our real-time Smart Transcription solution to a leading Petcare provider.

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Increase in Lead Generation

With our Conversational AI solution for a leading health insurance provider.

Weeks to Beta

For any of your omnichannel Conversational AI solution built on top of our platform components.

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Proven solution to achieve very high levels of Speech to Text accuracy, even with complex domain-specific vocabulary in Healthcare.

Customer Stories

Proven by results with direct bottom-line gains across industry leading customers.

How can we replicate the success at yours?

Building something Great is the goal.

How can we help you build the next great Conversational app that your customers would love?

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