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Alexa as a Sales channel

By March 20, 2022August 10th, 2023Case Studies2 mins read

Business Case

Omni-channel applications is one of the key component of any modern digital strategy, is a multi-channel approach to sales that seeks to provide the end consumers with a seamless sales and service experience on multiple touch points – desktop, smart phone, physical stores or any other modern conversational channel.

Voice technology is touted as the fourth sales channel with significant impact on consumer behavior and brand implications.

The business mandate was to use Alexa as one of the channel for lead generation in General Insurance and integrating it with other channels for conversion and sales.


The solution involved couple of major components.

1. Automate the information capture workflows for different general insurance products using conversations. These conversations could be implemented as Skills / Actions/ Bots on Alexa, Google Assistant or Chatbots. These conversational apps are integrated with the quote engine to deliver the price and the customer service application for call-backs and in completing the sale.

2. A low-code platform to convert existing and new business process workflows into conversations. This helped the customer with simpler migration and adoption strategy for the new conversation channels.

The benefits included significant operational efficiency gains for the customer support teams in the form offline information capture by the BOTs and additional sales from the newer conversational channels.

Why purpleSlate?

We are a Conversational AI startup, driven by passion to build great software solutions for our customers. As machines become increasingly proficient in the language we speak, we see Conversations, in Voice and Text, as the primary mode of providing and consuming services. We help our customers build the next generation Conversational AI Applications that primarily use Language as the Interface. Our platform and applications, primarily offered as a low-code offering and our belief in modern, lean software engineering principles helps our customers with higher effectiveness and time to market.

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