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Top Insurance Org Automates Service Interactions with Generative AI

By November 22, 2022July 4th, 2024purpleScape4 mins read
Interactions with Conversational AI

Business Value Achieved in 6 Months

Insurance Org Automates Service Interactions with Generative AI

  • 100% growth in unique visitors month on month
  • 30% bandwidth cleared for the human call center by automating responses to repetitive queries
  • Improved CX Score because of ease in downloading policy docs and claims processing

The Hero – A Leading Insurance Provider

Our client is a leading service provider in the Indian health insurance sector with more than 15 years of experience having a national presence handling 600+ branch offices. The client aims to be the largest health insurance provider ensuring financial security for healthcare management for the average Indian.

  • Industry – Insurance sector
  • Employee Strength – 13,000+
  • Solutions implemented – CAI bot as a web application and on WhatsApp

The Quest – Automating Critical Service Components

The new normal fuelled the need for technology adoption in the insurance sector, an industry traditionally relied on offline processing.

But there was another factor, one that is subtly underplayed, yet a major contributor to technology adoption – Convenience. The convenience afforded by technology is something that the sophisticated, tech-savvy 21st century human species expect and insurance services aspire to achieve.

Our client, one of India’s leading insurance service providers, wanted to rethink their approach to match the speed and requirements of today’s digital world. They wanted to have an all-inclusive system that provides access to a holistic customer service platform.

Making customers self-sufficient with access to all policy related information

  • Build centralized access for all policy related information including policy documents, tax certificates, and Insurance cards
  • Provide Adequate assistance to the customers to choose the closest available hospitals network Labs, Branches, etc.
  • Providing automated responses to some of the frequently asked questions, thus reducing the call center volume

Seamless Claims

A digital system for users to register for claims, upload relevant documents, and track their status.

Live Agent Support

For complex requirements or escalations, provide an access to a human agent support center

The Solution – CAI Smart Assistant across Multiple Channels Acting as a Single Interface

One of the root causes for end customers having to go through various touchpoints is that all the systems were disjointed, and working in silos. We proposed a single-interface solution, where a Smart Assistant powered by Generative AI integrates seamlessly with different backend tech stacks to fetch relevant information or perform a required task. We deployed the smart assistant as a web-based solution and then extended the same to WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in India. Extending our Smart Assistant solution on WhatsApp improved the convenience for the customers multifold.

The solution was designed by integrating three aspects,

  • The data required for different functions like claims processing, locating healthcare centers, and relevant policy documents were stacked in different core applications within their databases. Automating the information capture workflows to communicate with these core tech stacks was fundamental
  • A low-code platform to help engage in contextual conversations with the customer, and help solve their queries. We reimagined the customer journey to be conversation-driven via text or voice to perform certain tasks, or get information.
  • Data security has evolved from being a luxury to a necessity. To ensure the conversations with the smart assistant were secure, we implemented two-factor authentication

The solution deployed was so intuitive that the customer adoption was immediate.

Benefits to the End Customers

  • Access to critical documents 24/7, 365 days from anywhere in the world
  • Information regarding the nearest network health centers and diagnostic centers at a moment’s notice. This is especially useful when exploring cities outside of the insurer’s home or during accidents
  • A simple interface to submit claims making it seamless and easy
  • A single Generative AI powered interface that helps insurers perform required tasks using natural language
  • Relevant and selective intervention through live agents when the interactions are required or when the customer requested

Benefits to the Client

  • Seamless service experience led to positive word of mouth and increased brand awareness in the Indian insurance sector
  • Automating transactional activities helped key support staff to focus more on tasks that improve client relations and overall business value

They Trusted in purpleSlate

And we proved it right with our

  • Low code platform
  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Expertise in the Generative AI Space

purpleSlate offers a host of technology service offerings, with AI and NLP as the crux of its solutions, to solve complex business problems. As machines become increasingly proficient in natural language, conversations, in voice and text will transform into the primary mode of providing and consuming services

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