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Livestories – powered by Kea

Every dataset has a story waiting for a narration

Live Stories by Kea
What are Kea Live Stories?

So, what is Kea Livestories?

Ask questions on your favorite datasets in Kea. You like the answers? Stitch them together into a storyboard that Kea can narrate powered by its Voice AI capabilities and real-time data. No more stale collection of metrics and presentations.

Say Hello to Live Stories powered by Kea.

Stories are better

Don’t let your users stare at complex data and out-of-context metrics. Instead, narrate a story that they would love to hear.

Narrate a data story
Monthly Trend of Sales

Start with a Conversation

Start with a question. Engage in a conversation guided by Kea, with a series of follow-up questions based on the answers you get.

Build your Storyboard

Do you like the answers you get? Context is everything – who is your audience? What do you need them to know?

Stitch the answers from Kea together around a storyline with Kea’s GPT interface to help you with the narration.

Build a story from your data
Share your data story

Share your Stories

Great stories are meant to be shared. Present them. Share them with others. And, tell a story that make sense with real-time, cloud based insights.

Your Stories are Livestories

No more stale metrics.

The answers get refreshed, real-time as you present them to your users. With Kea – Live Stories, you always have the most recent data – always!

Keep your data story up to date
Answer Data Questions off script

Kea by your Side

More questions from your users during the presentation? No problem. Just ask Kea right there.

No more ‘let’s take that offline’ or ‘let me get back to you’.

Save Time and Money

Real-time access to data-driven insights on
the cloud is a No.1 priority to modern data

Overcome the infinite loop of BI Reports and
Dashboards insanity. Save precious time and

"No one ever made a decision because of a number. They need a story." - Daniel Kahneman.