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Make sense of your Data

Say Hello to a new way of Business Intelligence that you always wished it was there

How Kea helps simplify information access?

Data rich, Information poor. Typical Information workers spend on average 20-30% of their day looking for information.

Talk to your Data

Kea’s goal is to empower everyone who cares about facts, as an individual or in the enterprise, with meaningful information in the simplest of the interface – language. With Kea’s simple interface, users can ask questions in simple language constructs.

Talk to your data
Information Rich Responses

Information-rich responses

Information rich context driven responses in multiple formats in voice, text, and rich visuals. Every response in Kea comes with rich visuals that help the user make sense of the data.

Hash tags and more

Organise your questions and interactions with Kea using Inbox and Favorites. Hash-tag the questions, just like your favourite social media platform, for easy reference and search.

Hashtags and more
Smart Follow-ups

Smart follow-ups

Power of a meaningful conversation with Kea is the smart follow-ups that an answer triggers to more meaningful questions. Kea smartly leads the user to follow-ups that make sense to continue the conversation.

Smart Insights

Along with the answers, Kea automatically analyzes millions of rows of data with insights that show you how things relate to one another. Smart Insights helps uncover insights that are latent to human reasoning.

Smart Insights
Granular Details

Granular Details

Granular details. From the answers, drill-down to the granular data with deep context.


Move away dashboards and say hello to Livestories that make sense with answers that matter. Instantly create personalized, highly interactive storyboards – not static charts and reports – that you can present to your audience.

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Answers on the go

Answers on the go

Answers on the go. Get instant answers on millions of rows of data on the move, when you need it the most. Just like how you would ask your data buddy, whenever you need information.

Take Actions

Say hello to truly actionable insights that you wished were always this simple. Share content, assign tasks, create reminders, and automate business processes with deeper integrations to apps like Salesforce, Hubspot, and other enterprise applications.

Take Actions
Secure by Design

Secure by design.

Kea is secure by design. Work with your data with all the trust and confidence with the best of cloud security, data access, and governance controls for sensitive information – all out of the box.


Save time and maximize productivity with context-driven discussions on analytic output within the Kea app itself. No more emails, attachments, and delays in going back and forth on questions and answers.

Flexible Deployment

Flexible deployment

Kea runs seamlessly on any vendor cloud platform on-prem or hosted by us on a secure cloud infrastructure. Just ask us how we can bring Kea to wherever you are.

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