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Your Guide to Parrot Desk Help and Resources

Sign In

How do I sign in to Parrot Desk?

Step-1: Open the browser, and enter the URL – It will redirect to the purpleAccounts page. purpleAccounts ID is mandatory to access Parrot Desk.

Step-2: Enter your registered Email and Password, then click Sign in. Alternatively, you
can log in with your Microsoft or Google Account

Step-3: After successfully authenticating the credentials, you will be redirected to the Parrot Desk homepage.

How can I reset my Parrot Desk login password?

Step-1: To reset your password, click Forgot Password

Step-2: Enter your registered email address and click on the Send Password Reset Link.

Step-3: The password reset link will be triggered to the registered email. Click “Go Back” to go to the Purple Accounts home page.

Step-4: Open the email from the Parrot Desk team and click Reset My Password.

Step-5: Enter your new password, confirm the password, and click reset password.

Step-6: You will get an intimation for the password reset. Proceed to log in to Parrot Desk with the new password

Chat Operations

How do I assign chats to my roster in Parrot Desk?

Step-1: To assign chats to your roster, go to the Unassigned column and select the chat. The Unassigned column holds all the chats that have been handed over to the agent by the bot.

Note: Chats not selected by an agent even after 30 seconds will be removed from the unassigned roster. An alert message will be sent to the customer by the bot stating all agents are busy.

Step-2: Click ‘Yes’ to the question “Would you like to join this conversation” at the top of the conversation. This moves the chat from ‘Unassigned’ to your ‘Assigned’ roster.

Step-3: Access the live chats from your assigned roster and start conversing with the customer using the chat window.

How do I close a conversation after resolving the query?

Go to the top-right corner of the chat window and select “Leave Conversation” from the drop-down to close the conversation

Where can I access the previous queries closed by me?

Go to the History section in the left pane. All the chats that are resolved and marked closed by agents are listed here.

Where can I get the summary of the customer conversation?

ParrotGPT can generate a chat summary for you to get a gist of what the conversation was about. Click the Generate Chat Summary button on the right pane.

I don’t know the answer to this question. What should I do?

Step-1: Invoke @parrotGPT in the chat and let ParrotGPT’s generative AI give the best response. This can be used when you don’t know the answer or the answer is very basic in nature.

Step-2: If you want, you can edit the final response before sending it to the customer

How should I transfer the chat to my supervisor or a fellow agent?

Step-1: In case the customer is requesting escalation or if you want to transfer the chat for any reason to another agent, select “Change Agent” from the drop-down menu.

Step-2: Enter the details of the agent to whom you wish to transfer the chat or select them from the Smart Suggestions tab.

Step-3: After you click “Confirm”, a pop-up will come with the message “Transfer request submitted successfully”

Step-4: The chat will be moved to the “Escalated” queue of the agent to whom the chat is transferred.

Step-5: Until the other agent accepts the chat from their escalated queue, the chat will stay on your assigned queue, where you can continue engaging the customer.

Step-6: After the other agent accepts the conversation, it will disappear from your Assigned queue. The conversation will move from the Escalated queue to the Assigned queue for the other agent.

Note: The process is similar if another agent transfers a conversation to you. It will come into your escalated roster and you would have to accept or reject the conversation from there.

Dashboard Operations

Where can I find my performance metrics?

The Dashboard option is for the agents to monitor their own performance, see the average ratings that they have received from customers, and more.

To access the dashboard, select the “Dashboard” option from the left pane.

What are the top metrics that I can track in the dashboard?

Attended conversations: The total number of attended conversations and how the trend is performing.

Ongoing conversations: The total number of current conversations that are live and in your assigned queue.

Resolved conversations: The total number of conversations that you’ve resolved and are in your history roster.

Transferred conversations: The total number of conversations that you have
escalated to other agents.

Average chat duration: The average time spent in resolving a query until you mark “Leave conversation” and close the conversation

Average Rating: The average rating you have received from customers on a 5-point scale.

User Feedback Scale: The breakdown of the number of feedbacks rated as – Poor, Okay, Neutral, Good, and Best as received from customers.

Agent Conversation Stats: A pie-chart breakdown of the conversation status – Ongoing, resolved, or transferred

Is there a way to filter my performance metrics?

Step-1: You can filter your performance metric based on two levels. Access the
dropdowns on the top right corner of the dashboard screen to filter the performance metrics.

Step-2: The first one filters based on the bots or apps whose conversations you have permission to access. You can choose to see the overall performance or app-wise breakdown.

Step-3: The second one filters based on different timeframes to view and compare your performance.

  • Today shows the metrics for the current day in comparison with the previous day
  • Yesterday shows the metrics for the previous day in comparison with the day before
  • This Week shows the metrics for the current week in comparison with the previous week
  • Previous Week shows the metrics for the previous week in comparison with the week before
  • This Month shows the metrics for the current week in comparison with the previous month
  • Previous Month shows the metrics for the previous month in comparison with the month before

Profile settings

Where can I check my profile details on Parrot Desk?

Step-1: Head over to the settings page by clicking ‘Settings’ on the left pane.

Step-2: The ‘My Profile’ section highlights key information such as –

  • Name: Name of the Agent
  • Registered Email ID: Registered Email ID of the Agent
  • Apps/Bots: Apps for which the agent has permission to access
  • Nickname: Agent’s nickname
  • Agent ID: The number assigned to the Agent as Agent ID
  • Role: Whether onboarded as an agent/supervisor
  • Working hours: The working hours of the agent
  • Location: The place or office from where the agent operates
  • Language proficiency: The languages where the agent can converse fluently
  • Time Zone: The time zone from where the agent operates

How can I change my online status in Parrot Desk?

Step-1: Go to the settings page in Parrot Desk

Step-2: Change the settings between Accepting Chats, Not Accepting, and Working Hours (After sign-off) from the dropdown in the top tray.

How can I edit my profile details in Parrot Desk?

Step-1: Go to the settings page in Parrot Desk

Step-2: Click the ‘Edit Profile’ in the top right corner of the screen

Step-3: Enter the required details and click ‘Confirm’.

Sign Out

How do I sign out of Parrot Desk?

Sign out of Parrot Desk by clicking the sign-out button near your name in the left pane bottom.