Chatbots Vs Virtual Assitants
Chatbots vs Smart Virtual Assistants – Understanding the Difference

Do you know about Tequila’s Patron, the most famous bot tender? Wait! Have I spelled it right? Should that not be ‘bartender’? No, it is right and it is ‘bot tender’. Patron is the AI-powered chatbot, the virtual bartender of Bacardi. Gone are the days when chatbots were used only for support by financial sectors...

Voice Ai For Telesales
Telesales with Voice Assistants: How to Boost Outbound Sales with Voice AI?

Nowadays, if you want to stay afloat and thrive as a company, you need a robust technology base. Technology breaks old rules and provides new tools for more effective sales. With recent advancements in AI, speech recognition, NLU, and NLG more and more organizations are turning towards conversational AI as a primary means to communicate...

How Conversational AI can be truly omnipresent
Serve Customers Everywhere – How Conversational AI can be truly omnipresent

Consumers now hold all the power and they hold it in the palm of their hands. But How Conversational AI can be truly omnipresent? The digital native Generation Z has been the most critical buyer group until now. With a strong purchasing power and a demand for higher quality products, brands today are forced to...

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