How Gen Z Uses Voice Ai
Voice of a Generation: Why Gen-Z Prefers Voice Assistants

Communicating with our devices fluently without physical interaction is in the future evidently, and talking – the primary form of human communication – is making its way into our gadgets already. Growing up in the age of technology, Generation Z young adults today are utterly comfortable calling out into the open air, “Hey Siri”, “OK...

How Conversational AI can be truly omnipresent
Serve Customers Everywhere – How Conversational AI can be truly omnipresent

Consumers now hold all the power and they hold it in the palm of their hands. But How Conversational AI can be truly omnipresent? The digital native Generation Z has been the most critical buyer group until now. With a strong purchasing power and a demand for higher quality products, brands today are forced to...

Gen Z and Chatbots
Gen Z and Chatbots – Are they made for each other?

A month back, we asked a question in the company’s common group. How many Gen Z work at purpleSlate? The answer was a whopping 35%. It was a pretty huge number considering the oldest gen Z member would be 24 years old and the youngest would be 9. With a few searches on the internet,...

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