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Data Intelligence – much more than the tools.

Besides all the technologies and tools, what makes a good data analyst and what makes some organisations be so good with their data efforts? 

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Work skills of the Future

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future Jobs Report, in five years from now, nearly 1/3rd of the skills that are considered as important and relevant in today’s scenario would have changed. Increased use of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Smart devices powered by Digitization, Social media and advancements in other areas like Bio-technology, Material Sciences and...

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The Art of Questioning – Part 1 of 2.

Knowledge is, having the right answer. Intelligence is, having the right Questions. The above statement would be very much relevant for the present, information rich world of ours. We are getting lost not only in Data, but also in the multitude of answers that you can get for a question, especially in the present scenario of...

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