What is Business Intelligence
What is Business Intelligence?

In this age of information supremacy, data is the new oil. Those who have access to information and insights, definitely have a headstart. Today’s organizations are sitting on a goldmine of information hidden deep within the zettabytes of data that they’re collecting. However, raw data is Greek and Latin for business leaders. They will need...

Modern Data Experience
Modern Day Data Experience – How to Get Started

Recently I was talking to a customer of ours about their digital transformation goals and as is the norm, the discussion came down to data, analytics, data science and you name it – we covered every possible technology in that area. “We have built a data lake. We use this tool for ETL and that...

Understanding the Fundamental Architecture of Apache Spark
Diving Deeper – Understanding the Fundamental Architecture of the Apache Spark

The previous blog, we saw about what is Apache Spark & how it is a preferred data analysis engine due to the speed it possesses. This blog is where we discuss about the intricacies of Apache spark’s working principle and we will introduce the concept of Spark RDD’s and data frames. Breaking the Class –...

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