Modern Data Experience
Modern Day Data Experience – How to Get Started

Recently I was talking to a customer of ours about their digital transformation goals and as is the norm, the discussion came down to data, analytics, data science and you name it – we covered every possible technology in that area. “We have built a data lake. We use this tool for ETL and that...

Business Intelligence vs Data Science
Business Intelligence vs Data Science

In the modern business environment, many (if not all) strategies and decisions are centered on data. Companies use various methods to generate value and actionable insights from data. Business intelligence (BI) and data science are commonly used approaches to derive value from large data volumes. While BI and data science are commonly used interchangeably, these...

Poor Quality Data
Major Concerns of Poor-Quality Data & How You Can Avoid Them

Poor data quality is a common problem in almost every organization. Data quality is one of the most critical factors of any data-driven business. Inaccurate, unverified, and inconsistent data can create a lot of problems for any organization. Unreliable data can lead to erroneous decisions, inefficient processes, and low trust from customers or partners. According...

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