Data Extraction
Are You Making The Most Out Of Your Data Extraction Process?

Data, data and more data. Day in and day out gigabytes of data are churned in. Data is wealth for any business. But are they able to make the most out of the data extraction? That’s a zillion-dollar question. Zillion? Are you reading it right? Yes, of course. As the blog is written in 2022,...

Data Mining
What is Data Mining?

Introduction We are currently in a data-driven world, rich in information. Knowing there is superfluous and readily available information can feel comforting. However, the more there is available knowledge, the more challenging it becomes for you to get helpful insights. In that case, we will explore data mining aspects. We will discuss data mining, its...

Business Intelligence vs Data Science
Business Intelligence vs Data Science

In the modern business environment, many (if not all) strategies and decisions are centered on data. Companies use various methods to generate value and actionable insights from data. Business intelligence (BI) and data science are commonly used approaches to derive value from large data volumes. While BI and data science are commonly used interchangeably, these...

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