Data Mining
What is Data Mining?

Introduction We are currently in a data-driven world, rich in information. Knowing there is superfluous and readily available information can feel comforting. However, the more there is available knowledge, the more challenging it becomes for you to get helpful insights. In that case, we will explore data mining aspects. We will discuss data mining, its...

Data Analytics
What is Data Analytics?

“The Global Datasphere will reach 175 zettabytes by 2025” – IDC Data has become the lifeblood of many organizations across the globe. Established enterprises have sophisticated systems to capture and store data. However, the reality for many organizations can be summarized in a single line. Data, data, everywhere, not a byte that is useful… Inside...

What is Business Intelligence
What is Business Intelligence?

In this age of information supremacy, data is the new oil. Those who have access to information and insights, definitely have a headstart. Today’s organizations are sitting on a goldmine of information hidden deep within the zettabytes of data that they’re collecting. However, raw data is Greek and Latin for business leaders. They will need...

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