Scene 1
The Steven Files Episode 1 – The Three Personalities Every Conversational Chatbot Needs To Play

Chapter 1 – Abandon Ship!  The Customer Experience problem that rocked Steve’s world. Stephen Windham, known as Steve among the business community in North America is the chief of staff for a Fortune 100 company. He steadily rose through the ranks with a blend of uncanny business acumen coupled with an attitude to work hard....

Conversational Ai For Customer Engagement
Conversational AI for Customer Engagement – Soon to Become the New Normal

All businesses today are aiming to become the Xerox of their market segment. Just like Xerox and a photocopier machine are often used interchangeably, every business owner would want their brand to also become the product identity in their market segment. But until they do, they are competing with multiple other businesses with the same...

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