Search Driven Analytics
Search Driven Analytics – Do We Really Need It?

Preface We have to credit Richard Miller Devens for coining the term “Business Intelligence”. He was intrigued by how Sir Henry Furnese, a banker in Victorian England used the information he gathered to create an action plan that led him to reap profits and stay ahead of the competition. Nobody could fathom that it was...

Bi Tool Features
10 Key Features that Make a Business Intelligence Tool Work for You

A BI tool will radically improve your business operations, but only if it’s the right tool for your organization. Choosing a BI tool can be a lengthy process since the BI tools market has become more fragmented and complex, making it difficult for businesses to make the right choice. There are hundreds of BI tools...

Business Intelligence vs Data Science
Business Intelligence vs Data Science

In the modern business environment, many (if not all) strategies and decisions are centered on data. Companies use various methods to generate value and actionable insights from data. Business intelligence (BI) and data science are commonly used approaches to derive value from large data volumes. While BI and data science are commonly used interchangeably, these...

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