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It’s as much a Science.

Any book on Data Visualization, including the great Edward Tufte’s, Visual Explanations, would invariably cover the story on the English physician John Snow and his work during the days when England had to wage a war against the cholera epidemic. Since it happened during the mid 18th century with many of the data visualization related techniques at...

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We are at the cusp of a technological revolution that will fundamentally shift the way we live, consume services, socially interact with one another and this cycle leads into the way we learn, gain knowledge, create things and produce goods and services.

Seeing what others don’t.

I always believe true Data Science is as much an art on sense making that requires an unique mindset armed with insatiable curiosity, it takes time and is no walk in the park – to an extent to be equated to creating a piece of Art. Anyone can scribble or produce a bunch of charts. Very...

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Linus Torvalds @ TED

As I type this, I keep telling myself, perhaps this shamefully would  be the last thing Linus Torvalds himself would do – people wasting time writing about his talk, leave alone his creation.

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Post-truth need not be limited to Politics.

If you missed the news, ‘post truth’ has been chosen as the Word of the Year 2016 by Oxford Dictionaries. post truth – is an adjective defined as ‘relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief’.

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Parallel Coordinates – Part 2

The possiblities of multivariate analysis using a single visualizaton tool in Parallel Coordinates is endless. It might appear absurd to begin with, but once you start playing around, the tool is so easy to use and can turn out to be one of your best friend for data analysis.

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