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Periodic Table

Most of us would have studied about the Periodic Table from our school days and some of us in a little more detail based on what we chose as our majors. For its inventor Dimitri Mendeleyev, it was the recurring patterns on the physical and chemical properties on certain elements that helped him group them...

The Data Science struggle – the Dilbert way.

The moment I finished my previous post on the possible reasons for the Data Science struggle at organizations, I could not but resist my search for the quintessential Dilbert strips that brings in sanity to most of us. Here are some of my favorites to laugh it out. As much as the world experiences amazing possibilities...

Why the struggle with Data Science?

Enough of the hype, books, conferences, fashion and even the so called sexiest job title, it appears like Data Science has been here for eternity. It continues to stir up the aspirations for so many, from young college graduates to being in the priority list of many IT leaders who wish to flaunt their Big Data...

Cartogram Feature

By simple definition, Cartogram is a map on which statistical information is shown. Hang on; don't get this mixed up with the geographical map that is used heavily these days for data visualization. There is a difference. In its simplest form in these visualization types, the data value gets encoded as color hues keeping the geographical contours as constant. Here are some good examples to begin with.

076 Do Something
Do Something.

So, in my wander around the www, I learnt a new term today – Iatrogenic and in simple terms, it is about the harmful effects of any of the medical intervention or treatment, in contrast to the benefits. Widely used in the medical field, according to some studies, iatrogenic is the 3rd most fatal disease...

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