What is Domain Specific Vocabulary?

While the vendor Speech and Language Understanding Services are good with regular English vocabulary, the biggest challenge for enterprises to achieve reliable and predictable accuracy levels is in handling specialized vocabulary in their own domain, its usage in day-to-day operations by their staff. As an example, think of the medical vocabulary, the drug names, medical...

What are some of the NLU challenges?

Garbage In – Garbage Out is very much a possibility in the case of Natural Language Understanding (NLU), because if we don’t process the text correctly, we will end up getting unwanted and irrelevant results from our applications and systems. It is not an easy task for machines to understand the language humans speak and...

What is Smart Transcription?

Smart Transcription focuses more on the Understanding part and achieving higher levels of accuracy in that.

What Industries do you work for?

Our customers come from diverse industries, but we have deep expertise building applications in Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Petcare, Engineering, Education.

I would like to see a demo.

Awesome. We would be happy to show you our wares. Please pick a time here.

What is a Language Interface?

From the earliest days of the invention of computers, one of the fundamental question that has driven their evolution is how would the humans interact with the devices? To perform a computation, to get an answer or to get things done? So much so that, the digital screens across all form factors have taken over...

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