First of all, a Hearty Welcome if you have come this far and reading this.

We believe great talent and people can come from unlikely places. Most of us working in purpleSlate are testimony to that fact. Hence, we believe focusing on the person, their work, their interests and how they can help us is the most right way to bring the best talent.

We also believe, these days, you can’t land a job just by submitting your resume. We really don’t care where you studied or where you worked. We love to see your work – be it coding skills or anything else that you are endowed with and which you feel would add value to purpleSlate. So, share with us your Github repo or other stuff that you built and that you are proud of.

If you feel, you don’t have anything that can be shared, (for multiple reasons), we respect that. Do let us know and we would be happy to have you work on one of our own projects for a very short time (2-4 weeks). In fact some of our colleagues interned with us for nearly 4-6 months before joining us. We would be more than happy to even pay you for your time.

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