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Digital Transformation is much more than technology.

Digital Transformation has now become much more than a buzz word across the globe – in board rooms to corporate goals to CIO agenda, benefitting both organizations and consumers equally. No, Digital Transformation is not about picking a technology, an application development paradigm or a work culture that works so well for Netflix or LinkedIn...

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Moment to redefine non-essentials.

Just think of it – almost every job that was generating trillions of dollars across the globe just a few weeks ago is now termed ‘non-essential’ and confined to our home. Unless you are a healthcare worker or you contribute anything in anyways to basic human survival –  food, security, utilities, air, water – you...

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Rise of AI.

Couple of interesting articles caught my attention this week related to the field of AI. Bill Gates’ dose of motivation to the graduates of 2017 on what’s on the horizon for Technology and how it could impact our lives. He picks 3 areas, where Technology could make an immense impact to human lives in the coming days. 

A File Photo From September 07, 2015 Shows Swedish Statistician Hans Rosling
Hans Rosling (1948 – 2017)

I’m neither an optimist nor a pessimist. I am a possibilist. There are very few people who leave such a profound influence on us, by their work and their own personality that really shapes our approach to look at things in a totally different perspective. One such individual to me is the Swede, Hans Rosling, who...

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Yale, Economics & Baseball.

I like movies and one of my favorite is the Brad Pitt starrer Moneyball, which is based on a Michael Lewis book, where a general manager of a baseball team joins hands with an Yale grad to challenge the conventional wisdom on how decisions are made in managing a sports team. 

I Love Learning Kid
Being a Student, again.

Does this happen to you? The strike of a light bulb moment when you read something that resonates so well with what you have been thinking all along. Couple of days back, I happened to read this insightful post from Bill Gates on – Why I’d love to be a College Student Again – talking about...

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