Revolitionize Analytics
How Language could revolutionise Analytics.

Since the genesis of computers, one of the major question that has driven the evolution of the digital device is – How would Humans interact with the Computers? Especially in today’s scenario, when most of the tasks we do today with personal computers or mostly with our smart phones is to get an answer or...

Conversation and Insurance?

What makes the perfect synergy between Conversational Al and the Insurance industry? Read on. Some context, before we get into the problem and the solution. Humans love to talk and nudge others, and messaging has reached its critical mass as the Number 1 digital activity on the planet along with the exponential growth in Smart...

Conversations Cup
Why Conversational now?

The earliest incarnation of the Conversational AI applications – Chatbots, the tiny, smiling, ubiquitous widget that occupies the bottom right corner of every modern website our times – have been around for quite some time now. The power of Language Interfaces, the ability to communicate with the computers in our own language is immense. What...

1200px Mori Uncanny Valley Svg1
Uncanny Valley

Have you heard this term – uncanny valley? It was coined in the 70s (yes, way back in 1970!) by the Japanese roboticist, Masahiro Mori who created a graph that plotted the emotional response of a human being to a robot against the increase in the perceived realism of a robot.

Robot 1214536 640
Oh no. Automation!

These are the days where you hear a lot and read a lot about Automation via Bots, the way it brings in better efficiency and the way it is going to spell doomsday on many of the jobs.

Chris Anderson Linus Torvalds
Linus Torvalds @ TED

As I type this, I keep telling myself, perhaps this shamefully would  be the last thing Linus Torvalds himself would do – people wasting time writing about his talk, leave alone his creation.

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