Conversational AI
Conversational AI is here – Are you ready?

“Hey, Google Set a reminder to call mom” “Hey, Siri Send a message to my hairstylist to confirm today’s appointment” “Hey, Alexa Dim the lights and turn on the air conditioner” Sound familiar? All of us have used these voice assistants to make our lives simpler. We have all come a long way in evolving...

Revolitionize Analytics
How Language could revolutionise Analytics.

Since the genesis of computers, one of the major question that has driven the evolution of the digital device is – How would Humans interact with the Computers? Especially in today’s scenario, when most of the tasks we do today with personal computers or mostly with our smart phones is to get an answer or...

Why Dx
Digital Transformation is much more than technology.

Digital Transformation has now become much more than a buzz word across the globe – in board rooms to corporate goals to CIO agenda, benefitting both organizations and consumers equally. No, Digital Transformation is not about picking a technology, an application development paradigm or a work culture that works so well for Netflix or LinkedIn...

Rectangle 260
Moment to redefine non-essentials.

Just think of it – almost every job that was generating trillions of dollars across the globe just a few weeks ago is now termed ‘non-essential’ and confined to our home. Unless you are a healthcare worker or you contribute anything in anyways to basic human survival –  food, security, utilities, air, water – you...

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No Jobs ?!?

‘Are you kidding me? For the past few months, we have been hunting for the right fit for few of the full stack developer positions and a machine learning engineer for our startup, with our own tests in an online coding platform and referrals from closed circuits. We are yet to find any. We even...

Supermarket Food
Spoilt for Choice.

Have you heard this term, Overchoice? It is the state in which people have a difficult time making a decision when faced with multitude of options. Alvin Toffler introduced the term in Future Shock and it is so much relevant to this generation.

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