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Welcome back, Conversational Interface.

Can the future of User Interface (UI) be just the plain old Text? Here is a quick journey through the rise of the user interfaces and where it appears to converge in the days ahead. History often repeats itself and some of the great inventions of the future could be a glorified version of the simple...

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Oh no. Automation!

These are the days where you hear a lot and read a lot about Automation via Bots, the way it brings in better efficiency and the way it is going to spell doomsday on many of the jobs.

Revisiting Jurassic Park.

One of my favorite scenes in the film Jurassic Park is the conversation that happens over lunch table on the conflict between Science, Commerce and Ethics. Jeff Goldblum playing the role of a chaos theorist asks a bunch of poignant questions on the ethics behind the whole creation of the park, the technology and how...

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Do Something.

So, in my wander around the www, I learnt a new term today – Iatrogenic and in simple terms, it is about the harmful effects of any of the medical intervention or treatment, in contrast to the benefits. Widely used in the medical field, according to some studies, iatrogenic is the 3rd most fatal disease...

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