Common Data Visualization Methods and Where to Use Them
Common Data Visualization Methods and Where to Use Them

Preface Data visualization is an essential skill for any data scientist. Data visualization is an interdisciplinary science dealing with the graphical representation of data and information using various formats like charts, graphs, and maps. Data visualization forms the core of data storytelling, where data is presented in a framework that simplifies the communication of information....

How Apache Spark Programs are Executed
Learn How Apache Spark Programs are Executed

We discussed about the fundamentals of an Apache Spark system including its architecture in the previous blog. We shared the basic differences between Resilient Distributed Datasets and Dataframes. We’ve covered the what and the why, now we are going to discuss about the how. This blog will outline the different steps involved in an Apache...

Responsible Ai
Responsible AI

What is Responsible AI? Responsible AI is the practice of designing, developing, and deploying AI with good intention to empower employees and businesses, and fairly impact customers and society – allowing companies to engender trust and scale AI with confidence. Source While the opportunities of AI are for real, primarily to augment human beings, with...

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So, we are done with another edition of our Art of Coding class, where we teach our students on the nuances of programming practices, with special emphasis on problem-solving methods, software engineering and along the way writing lots of clean code and test scripts to implement some interesting algorithms.

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