Dashboards Delaying Information Banner
Are Dashboards delaying Information Access? (An Infographic Blog)

Dashboards are perhaps the most familiar way to visualize data points that any professional would’ve encountered. It was an effective way to get the entire story in one shot – like a bird’s eye view of what’s happening. However, given the data explosion that’s happening around us, are dashboards still an effective tool to present...

Personalization And Automation Of The Order Management Process
Conversational AI for Personalization and Automation of the Order Management Process in Retail

Amazon, SnapDeal, Flipkart Teleshopping channels Catalogs, newspapers, and magazines Social media like Facebook, Instagram E-commerce sites managed by self and 3rd party retailers These are some of the channels, but not an exhaustive list of the channels available for buying retail products. Expectation from the customer is to fulfill their orders on time, irrespective of...

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