A Conversation with purpleSlate.

So, tell me about purpleSlate

We are an early stage startup based out of Chennai, India. A small team of engineers, started their journey in 2017 (on the new year, to be precise) in a small apartment and we are now a strong team of 100+ proud purpleSlate family.

What is purpleSlate up to?

Before we tell you what we do, it might be worth knowing WHY we decided to start this journey. What we call the purpleSlate ethos that we try to get better at every day. We sincerely make an attempt to do that.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act; but a habit. – Aristotle

We believe we can build the Best in class products and solutions out of India, with the Happiest of the team members and run a highly successful business, Quietly. In the current startup melee, the above statement, especially the word ‘being successful, quietly’ might sound a bit crazy. But, we intentionally want to be that way. Building something Great or forming a Habit takes time. We realize that and we are comfortable with that.

Interesting! Now, can you tell us a little more about what purpleSlate does?

We are fascinated by technology and using technology to solve tough problems. We focus primarily on leveraging the modern digital technologies to build products and solutions for the modern age. All our work falls under two major themes - Digital Solutions and Conversational AI.

Digital Solutions.

We would like to call it as ‘no nonsense’ digital services. Our approach to modern software engineering starts right from how we source and curate our talent. A highly self-driven team of engineers with a solution-first approach, craft high-outcome applications for our customers. No wonder our customers keep coming back to us for more of what they get.

What is Conversational AI?

One of the constant questions that have driven the evolution of computers all these years is ‘how would humans interact with computers?’. Starting from the machine instructions to green terminals to graphical user interfaces to the touch screens, we have found the most creative ways to design interfaces to consume information and get things done. But, isn’t there a better way to interact with computers, that is more natural, that is more human? Language? We believe it is fundamental that good information software reflects how humans interact with each other and it is only an inevitable natural progression that the various services we consume today through the computing devices would soon converge on a conversational medium that uses language as the primary interface. We deliver Conversational AI in both Voice and Text, for our customers using our low-code framework, platform and products.

Can you talk a little more about your Culture?

It is not about WHAT you do; it is as much about WHY you do it.

A strong belief in a Value System.

We sincerely believe the vital cog in the success of any individual or a company is its Value system, Culture and its ability to Learn and Evolve, continuously. In an ecosystem like purpleSlate, people are at the centre. Hence it is imperative that we have one cohesive culture that makes us believe on a set of values which drives us towards greater heights.

Positive Perseverance.

Building something useful and of value, and becoming a master craftsman on anything takes lots of practice, time and perseverance. We try our best to instill this belief in all our people. This way, most of our craftsmen are homegrown - we spend a good amount of time curating our own talent from the campus.

Learn to Learn.

More than the money or a title, one thing we provide with 100% assurance to anyone joining purpleSlate is continuous learning, a no-nonsense culture that helps you thrive at what you are good at. To sum it up, it is our unflinching belief that Success can only be an inevitable outcome of our Value system and Actions, that makes us extremely positive about tomorrow. You can find more about our belief system, what we call the purpleSlate Ethos here.

I guess that was quite a lengthy introduction to Purpleslate. 🙂

We told you, humans love to talk! And, by the way, we are heading back to work and are located here.
Stop by anytime for a coffee.
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