Are you looking to build an amazing Conversational App?

Purpleslate is here to help.

How can we work together?

We are a small studio of passionate engineers with an ambition to build great products.
Here are few ways that you can make use of our services.


Custom Implementation

We understand your requirements are unique and you want to enrich your IP. Build on top of our lego blocks of components that helps you achieve the velocity and scale.

How we work:

  • Small teams, Great results
  • Design-led development
  • End-to-end full-stack development
  • Integration with your social messaging platform of choice
  • Total Agile with bi-weekly demoable features
  • Constant Communication
  • Training

As a Service

With our white-labelled conversation widget, get your Conversational App up and running in no time. Scale as you grow with our fully hosted solution.

Features include:

  • Out-of-the-box API integrations
  • Build Tools for iterative app development
  • Pre-built NLU and AI models
  • Embeddable Conversation widget that reflects your brand
  • Integrated Analytics to track usage and manage growth
  • Flexible Pricing models


With our deep expertise in building highly scalable enterprise class solutions, we can help you design and build conversational apps just for you.

Areas we could assist:

  • Enterprise Data Integrations
  • Conversation Scripting
  • NLU Training strategies
  • AI Strategies
  • Roll-out, Growth and Adoption strategies
  • Training

Ready to start your Conversational Project?

Your customers deserve a lot more.
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Twenty-five years from now, no one will be clicking on drop-down menus, but everyone will still be pointing at maps and correcting each other's sentences. It's fundamental. Good information software reflects how humans, not computers, deal with information.

Bret Victor, Magic Ink, 2006