Make your FAQs great again

Your customers need answers that are
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Stop Building Chatbots

Start building an engaging Conversational Experience your customers would love.

Say Hi to KIWI

Kiwi can answer questions, guide, proactively alert and get business tasks done on an omnichannel interface across the Web, Mobile App, Collaboration platforms, and Telephony software. The goal is to reduce the time to get questions answered and tasks are done in a simple conversational interface.

Kiwi - as your personalized virtual assistant

Leverage the power of Conversational AI customized for your brand.


Your customers deserve
more than a chat bot.

Engage in a conversation that leads them to discover knowledge beyond the asked question with semantically organized content.

Feature Customer Chatbot
Feature Knowledge Rich

Make your Smart
Assistant knowledge rich.

Bring in your content and we take care of the rest. Get your content organized as a knowledge graph and easily searchable.


Make them

Your customers have tasks to be done. Make your answers actionable and lead your customers to complete the task in hand.

Feature Actionable
Feature Flying In No Time

Get it up and
flying, in no time.

With our low-code environment, Kiwi
can be part of your team in no team.
Bring in your content and let Kiwi take
flight (yes, it's possible) in no time.

Kiwi - Redefine engaging customer experience

Amplify customer experience with contextual understanding and proactive responses.

Context Aware

Embed Kiwi anywhere in your web
application and let Kiwi engage in a
conversation in context of where
the user is.


Bonjour, Let Kiwi handle
your customers across the globe
with multi-lingual responses, from
Afrikaans to Zulu.

Reflect your brand

Dress up Kiwi to reflect your brand
with easily customizable avatar and

Capture leads

Integrate it with your favorite CRM
tools. Track the quality of leads with comprehensive, real-time metrics.

Kiwi Mock Up

Use cases across industries.

Unlimited possibilities with Kiwi

IT Services

Password resets, printer setup, issues with app installs - leave the mundane questions for Kiwi to handle, integrated with your ticketing application to seek help from smarter humans.

Campus Admissions

Botify your campus with the help of Kiwi to answer the common questions on various dates, requirements, admission procedures and costs, including multi-lingual response to cater to your international students.

Product Explainers

Gone are the days of multi product pages and user manuals. Your customers have questions and get them instant answers with Kiwi.

HR Administration

Who uses an intranet? Vacation days, Tax statements, Adding dependents to health insurance, 401K - relieve your HR admins of providing answers to these routine questions to your staff. Leave it to Kiwi to answer these questions.

Career Services

Your career page is loaded with content that no one reads? Let Kiwi help your job seekers find the right information on the job, benefits, eligibility, including a guided pre-qualification screening - all in the form of an engaging conversation.


"How do I do this? How do I do that?" You may have the most comprehensive website or intranet on your various products and services. Let Kiwi be the friendly concierge to provide instant answers.

Guided Browsing with Telephony

With context-sensitive recommendations & voice-assisted co-browsing technology, guide users to complete business transactions. Helps eliminate calls to customer service.

Just about anything

You get the point. Your customers and users have questions, let Kiwi provide the answers on just about any topic.

Delight Customers with a Seamless User Experience

Create Personalized Customer Experience & Gain Significant Operational Efficiencies

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