Talk to Kea®

With Kea around, getting answers from your data has never been this simple. So, how do you start a conversation on your data with Kea? Much simpler than how to train a dragon.

Connect To Data

Connect to a datasource.

Your data or enterprise data could reside anywhere. Big data stores, data lake, operational data stores, simple databases, xl sheets or even a piece of paper, in any format - Structured, Unstructured, Parquet, Avro, JSON, CSV, Text. Connect your dataset to Kea - either using the Kea Studio low-code platform or stand-alone data pipeline.

2. Connect To Datasource

Optionally, setup a data pipeline.

Add to your existing data integration layer or create new a new Airflow DAG with Streaming, micro-batch, batch or on-request jobs to ingest data and train Kea on a continuous basis.

Kea Vocabulary

Kea’s vocabulary

Kea’s machine learning (ML) models train Kea on the meta data, glossary and the data profile, for it to have a deeper language understanding and respond to the user’s questions.

4.kea Vocabulary
Tweak Vocabulary

Tweak Kea’s vocabulary

Enrich Kea’s vocabulary by defining domain specific synonyms, acronyms, abbreviations, contractions and special words. Custom create filters and derived data attributes which the users can use in their questions to Kea.

5.tweak Kea Vocabulary
Start The Convo

Start the conversation

Use any of Kea’s platform - Kea Viewer, Chat or the Mobile app and Talk to your data® New to Kea, no problem. Kea is no shy bird. Kea will guide you through the dialects and help you become proficient in the conversation.

6.start A Convo
Get Answers More

Get Answers and more

Kea’s NLU engine has a deeper understanding of your questions and tries to respond back in Text, Voice, rich Visuals and granular insights.

7.answers More


Say good bye to taking screenshots, downloading data, sending emails and waiting (for days) to get a response. Kea hates waiting as much you do. Invite your team members, start engaging in a conversation, right there in Kea - take actions, made decisions, right now. Not after days, weeks or months.

Build A Story

Build a story

Like your answers? Pick the ones you like, build a storyline, add your thoughts and share it with the world. A Story
Live Data Stories

Live Data stories®

No more static images and outdated data in your presentations. When you present, you and the world see Live Data Stories® from Kea, with the most recent data. Data Stories
Share It With Others

Share it with others

Share datasets with your team and anyone that cares about that data. Have them join the conversation towards making data driven decision making. Kea’s secure design takes care or role based access controls on who can see what data.

11.share It With Others
Secure By Design

Secure by design

Most important, Kea is secure by design. Be it the ability to classify and manage PII data or with its Role based access control, Kea comes packages with plenty of features to secure and manage the data access and control, included audit logs and PII audit reports. By Design

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