Data Pipeline

Kea thrives on data. Here are ways in which you could train Kea on your datasets, big or small.

Data Source

Any data, from anywhere

Source data, be it operational or analytical, from any of your enterprise data lake, delta lake and data warehouse stores.

Data Pipeline 1@4x
Data Pipeline 2@4x

Integrate Easily

Add a data pipeline within your existing integration layer. Or, ask us how and we can help setup.

Meta Data

Enrich Meta Data

Source custom vocabulary with business terms and meta data from your data catalog. Add synonyms to power the language interface.

Data Pipeline 3@4x
Data Pipeline 4@4x

Enjoy the Conversation

Empower users with informed answers, insights and join the conversation - all towards gaining clarity.

Talk to your data®

Getting answers from your data has never been this
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