Reimagine digital experience for the AI-first world.

We help modern enterprises today with truly cloud-native digital transformation journeys.

Complete Digital Experience

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with a no-nonsense approach to
application development using modern digital stack, software engineering
principles and by truly agile teams.

Solution Themes

Digital Transformation Solution themes that we have implemented for our customers.

Pattern Lock

Omni-channel Interfaces

Built for the mobile-first generation, with a seamless customer experience that shares context and flows seamlessly across all the channels.

Omni Channel
App Mondernization
App Dollar

App Modernization

Microservices and REST API-based architecture style of fine-grained, lightweight business services for scale, maintainability, and extensibility. All for the new modern age technology.

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Leverage Big Data, Machine Learning, and Search to solve complex, yet interesting business problems into reality.

Data Centric
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Productivity Gains

To the caregivers with our real-time Smart Transcription solution to a leading Petcare provider.

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Increase in Lead Generation

With our Conversational AI solution for a leading health insurance provider.

Weeks to Beta

For any of your omnichannel Conversational AI solutions built on top of our platform components.

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A proven solution to achieve very high levels of Speech to Text accuracy, even with complex domain-specific vocabulary in Healthcare.

Customer Stories

Proven by results with direct bottom-line gains across industry leading customers.
How can we replicate the success at yours?


Workflow Automation

Re-engineered business process
workflows using Imaging, Robotic
Process Automation (RPA) concepts
and Conversational channels for
operational efficiency gains.


Truly Cloud Native

Containerized infrastructure and application development model that leverages modern DevOps principles for continuous live updates with cloud-based sync.

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Artificial Intelligence (1)

AI First

Leverage the power of machine learning and cognitive computing including Computer Vision, Voice, Language Understanding, and Translation services, for Smarter applications.

Industries we work with


Human Resource

Pet Care


Building something Great is the goal.

How can we help you build the next great Conversational app that your customers would love?

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