Time to reimagine our interactions with Computers.

Since the genesis of computers, one of the major question that has driven their evolution is - how would Humans interact with Computers?

Our Design Goals.

Most of what we do today with personal computers is to get an answer or to perform a task. What better way to do this than 'Ask the Computers' - in the language we speak.

Get over the BOT Hangover.

Build an ecosystem for Conversational Apps that work together and that provides a personalized, highly engaging and informed Conversation.

Make the NLU good at one thing.

It's like your Conversational Assistant saying, 'I'm good at one thing and I try my best to do that really, really well'.


Context is the king in any human conversation and more so in a Conversational AI applications, in the design of dialogs and the way the app responds.


The Computer for the 21st century.

Computers are still approachable only through complex jargon, that has nothing to do with the task for which people use computers.

Mark weiser, Ubiquitous Computing.

Break Down, Build Up.

You bring the Integrations (we are building many of them ourselves) and the rest comes out of the box.


App Integrations

Your enterprise data services that provide the response to user conversations.


Vocabulary and NLU

The app specific words the users can converse on, the various synonyms, utterances and the language processor.


The Orchestrator & AI

The core engine that acts as the state machine, that maps application intents to business services and that takes care of the AI.


Start the Conversation

Let's start the conversation, be it Voice or Text in any of your favorite messaging platforms or the purpleSlate Parrot widget.

Design elements of a good Smart Virtual Assistant.

Engineering - under the hood.

It's just not about what's on the shiny outside, but, what's on the inside.
Whether you’re building an one-off chatbot or an enterprise class application, purpleSlate has your design needs covered.

Domain Specific Vocabulary

Out of the box Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engines that are trained on various domains and that continuously learns with our reinforcement learning models.

Intent Discovery

Smart intent discovery and entity preprocessor across different domains, makes the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) experience that much accurate.

Compound Statements

Advanced state engine keeps an eye on the entire conversation stream and knows how to intelligently handle pronouns.

Apps Orchestration

Manage a Conversational ecosystem. purpleSlate platform provides the required middleware for conversational apps orchestration that work well together.

Semantic Graph

Our semantic graph based approach to organize and retrieve data for the most meaningful information access.

Conversational Toolbox

Do it yourself interface to manage all your conversational components like Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Integrations, Dialog Utterances, Channels, Analytics and much more.


Flexible deployment options - either as a SaaS or on premise, or custom implementations.

Integrations & Webhooks

Make your enterprise applications conversational. Seamlessly connect with your enterprise data sources and APIs.


Why should language be a barrier when the medium is Conversation?

It's your Data. You decide what you do with it.

It can be debated whether Data is the new oil. But, Conversations are the new soul of your customers. Why leave it to the social media platforms?

Leverage your data for an engaging conversation experience.

Active Learning.

Measure intent discovery and unproductive interactions. Continuously retrain your Natural Language models with the conversations your customers have with your app.


Drive revenue growth with personalized products and services for that particular context and moment.

Drive Adoption

Measure engagement levels, usage and drive up user adoption of the your conversational app.


Building something Great is the goal.

How can we help you build the next great Conversational app that your customers would love?

Let's start the Conversation now